The Rapture is soon upon us- The Great Attack

Greetings to all my dear readers out there. Hi, I’m Stenila and I’ve got so many things I wish to share with you. I have experienced things that only a few lucky people have been able to, and have bore witness to so many miraculous events. I hope all you out there will come with me on a journey as I take you through all such happenings and on the way I hope you will reconsider some things you have taken for granted in life and reconsider what your notion of reality is and what things you have excluded from it that deserve a rightful place.

On Good Friday of 2010, my father had a heart attack. It was so painful just to see him on the floor in anguish and pain. When it seemed everything was almost over, my father realized his potential. He is an evangelist and has prayed for and healed many people in his lifetime, and continues to do so. When he was rolling in pain, he suddenly realized he had much more to do before his end and that he hadn’t accomplished what he aimed for. So he placed his hand on his chest and rebuked the devil in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. After that, to our surprise, he sat up like a normal person. He started walking about and said that he didn’t feel any more pain!

Bear with me if you think this is all just a lie. Be patient to hear the rest. This is life-changing matter. By the time my father had become normal, my mom’s brother had already come because she had called him earlier, to take him to the hospital. When he came, my father was not willing to go to a doctor because he was feeling so much better and fine now. But my uncle forced him to go and just check and see what happened.

So my father got up on his own, dressed himself, and walked to the car. At the hospital, he was the one who told the doctors what happened and he kept talking like nothing was wrong. But when they took and ECG scan of his heart, it showed a stunning fact- his artery was 100% blocked! Not one drop of blood should be able to circulate through the bodies of patients like this, and such patients should be unconscious, in critical condition, whereas to all the doctors’ surprise, he was lively and talking like any other person!

Anyway the doctors did a surgery to get rid of the block and my father was discharged from the ICU on Easter day. This event was life-changing for all of us. My father’s view after this event was that since he was so weak and felt useless after all this chaos, the only thing left for him to do was to continue his time in constant prayer, in order for God to reveal His miraculous hand and open a door to gospel work for us.

Me and my mother accompanied my father in his prayer- me in the evening since I had school- which continued for almost 3 months before God started working Miracles..

Join me next time as I take you through some of these beautiful experiences. Till then, may the peace of Christ be with you.


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