Unanswered Prayers

Hello again dear readers.

I wanted to reflect upon the fact that sometimes when people pray with all their hearts for relief or for something they are in dire need for, well, sometimes, they aren’t answered. I myself have had such experiences where I prayed a lot for a change in our bad situation, and it just got worse day after day.

I want to tell you that this is not a sign of God being partial or ignorant of you. Being a Christian, such hardships are bound to occur in our life, and it is also foretold of in the Holy Bible. Jesus said that if the world hates you, remember it has hated Me first.

When your prayer goes unanswered, please do not think of God as a heartless father. The truth is, He has other plans for you. Sometimes answering your prayer may lead to another future where you are not able to fulfill God’s will.  God knows this and wants the best for you, and mostly this is the reason some of your prayers are not acted upon.

But do not lose faith over such things. I myself have sometimes thought in hard situations why God does this to us, and later on when things turn out better than they would have been (mind you, this could be even several years later) we (our whole family) can think of nothing else than how the Almighty God forsees what is to happen and gives us little periods of hardships in order to secure our future for us in the best possible way.

Sometimes God denies us worldly and wealthy treasures in order to get us home to heaven. Do not sulk or think ill of God in such situations.

Keep up your faith and trust God with all you have. He will make sure you reach a beautiful home no matter what, if you just obey Him and follow His commands without a doubt.

God Bless You…


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