Alone in a Vast World

Sometimes I feel as though I am all alone in this vast world. Wherever I turn, I see people busy, rushing to get to places every morning for worldly matters such as job, money, business, etc. All of these people running about in a huge rush to gather large sums of money, and for what reason?

Think of it.. what is the actual use of becoming rich? True, rich people may have grand houses and many friends bought with portions of their savings, grand feasts and rich clothing, but is there truly any difference between a rich fellow and an average man with a meager income? As far as I know, both individuals can only eat a stomach full; the rich cannot eat more than others just because they can afford more. Both people can only sleep in one bed a night; the rich cannot sleep in more beds at a time than others eventhough they have five rooms more than others.

If this is the case, then why the big commotion over worthless money? To save for their children? Who is to know if the future generations will be able to reap the fruits of our huge savings; rather, who is to say these savings are to be of any value in the future? Everything is decided by the Almighty God only. It is He who determines whether or not a person should live wealthy or poor. He is the one to decide who is to meet whom in the future and what luck or bad luck or blessing or hardship is to come upon whom.

If God decides it, then the wealthiest man today can become the poorest in a matter of seconds, and the poorest beggar can become a millionaire in a matter of moments. But this is why I feel lonely. No one in this world seems to realize this truth and still blindly live a hard dull life to sum up as much money as possible. When I come across friends I can share this truth with, they seem to forget it as fast as they heard it.

We are still blind as midnight and wander in a world as untrue as a mirage. Jesus said Himself that it is impossible for a wealthy man to enter heaven, and that’s why I am in peace. That’s why I never dream of becoming wealthy. Why would someone risk the grand and unseen wealth of being in heaven for the temporary and useless wealth of this worthless world? Then again, is there anyone who doesn’t risk this?

My only hope is that at least some of the wandering people around us can open their eyes to sees the truth.


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