What’s the big deal?

We Christians are the true children of God. True. We have access to the greatest treasures of heaven which counts as an eternal advantage over other humans. True. We are the only ones who can even think of having peace of mind in our hardest trials and tribulations, because we have someone that no one else has- Jesus Christ. True. True, true, true.

But the funny thing is, I have sometimes come across certain people who are Christians, and for that matter they think of themselves as all high and mighty. They can’t associate with poor people, they need to be surrounded by a high-class society and lifestyle, and they won’t talk to people who aren’t of their “caliber”. Once this fellow “advised” us. He said, “We need to show the world that we are Christians, and for that matter we need to have a much more serious look on our face. We must appear before others as formidable, high-level people. And that’s why I am looking to buy the latest model car, so that I can drive up to places I used to walk to before, and make others say ‘what a respectable and royal person he is’. You must also make others say this.”

I can’t even imagine where to begin with the number of mistakes that a person like this has made being a Christian. First of all, Christianity is all about humility. A family where even the master makes himself a servant to all others. Second of all, by not associating with the poor, we are not making ourselves look more of a high-class level. We are rather contradicting the teachings of our Lord Christ to be kind to the poor and ever-forgiving.

Why must we be so full of ourselves because we are the children of God? True, it is the greatest treasure in the world to cherish, to be lucky enough to know the true God as our father, but that doesn’t give us an automatic license to look down upon others.

We are appointed here to do our best and save as many souls as possible from doom. In order to complete that task effectively, we must first follow the humble teachings of Christ and walk before others in the great dignity of having an overcoming sense of humility.

Yes, it is the greatest honor to have humility. It is an invisible crown that we, and only we, are able to carry, for we are the only true children of God. To think of oneself as high and mighty is the equivalent of trampling on the golden crown our Savior marked us with to stand out amongst others.. as True Children of God.



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