Are you willing to take a step? Consider this beautiful solution to everything?

I, as a compassionate human being, know that there are thousands of people out there in this vast world that are suffering from innumerable diseases; some may be short-lived while others are chronic or fatal. Who knows how many people are out there today that are on the verge of death, helpless and seeking every last resource to sustain themselves.

I don’t know, but maybe some of you, my dear friends, who are reading this blog right now, are also in a situation similar to one or more of those mentioned above. Some of you may be fighting for your lives, some of you may have been recently diagnosed with cancer or appointed to surgery. Maybe the thing troubling you right now is as simple as a little aching pain in your arm or leg.

Whatever may be the case, I want all of my readers to know one thing. There is hope for you. First of all, the mere fact that you have chosen to read this blog which I have dedicated solely to the purpose of fulfilling God’s will, is a sign that you have been chosen amongst millions of others in this world to read of the everlasting truth.Furthermore, to my very few but faithful followers, you have shown the world and God that you are willing to see the truth and to be a part of it. You have shown that you are capable of handling the truth.

If there is anyone, and I mean ANYONE out there right now reading this blog, with any kind of disease, be it chronic, fatal, temporary, infected, or if you are fighting for your dear life, then we are willing to pray for you. WHATEVER may be the case, there is nothing in this world that is impossible with God’s power. I hope that some of the recent blogs where I explained to you of how my father was healed, how I have seen many miracles, has at least sparked a little fire of faith in your hearts. The key to being healed is to believe. Faith. Oh, what a beautiful word, indeed!

In order for Jesus to heal you, you must have faith.YOU MUST BELIEVE. It is these two things- your faith and God’s power- that work together to deliver you from any kind of sickness you may have. My father Joy Simon is an evangelist and he has prayed for and healed thousands in his lifetime and he continues to do so. We are a non-profit prayer group, and our family exists solely for the purpose of fulfilling God’s will.

If you need prayer for your disease, like I said before, then please do not hesitate to leave a comment here or to contact me in private via e-mail. My e-mail address is: “”

Or if you wish to contact my father Evg. Joy Simon directly, then please e-mail him at: “”




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