When Will This World END?

The only thing we Christians look forward to is the rapture.

So, as I was saying in my earlier post, this earth is similar to a tree that has yielded all it’s fruits and is now ready for a downfall. A major downfall. Think of it, my friends. Is there literally any more space for development in this world?

Even a few years ago, there were things that hadn’t been invented, things that could help the human society to live a faster life. But now, as far as I’m concerned, we are equipped with everything a society of living beings may need for not just survival, but for convenience, security, and fast knowledge, and to prevent diseases; all the notes and chords of music have been discovered, all the possible bacteria and pathogens have been discovered; ranging from freezing your food to predicting the weather even up to landing on foreign planets, everything possible by human minds and hands have been accomplished.Humans have gained the knowledge of the past and possibilities of the future.

Now, what more is there to be done? We are right now in a situation where the balloon of development is full to the stretch and the next little pump of air could blow up the whole existence. Right now, from my perspective, I see this world at it’s maximum limit of development, and now on standby for something that will completely destroy it so as to start anew.

So, if I may say, we are in a place in time similar to the “calm before the storm”. It’s only a matter of time before the rapture begins and the events to follow start unraveling themselves.

The Day of The Lord will, as said in the Bible, shall come like a thief, and only an atomically small proportion of humans will be taken. Some time after the rapture, the complete destruction of this old earth will commence.This earth will be destroyed with a heavenly fire and then a new earth will be created where Jesus is to live along with us the Children of God forever.

Therefore, my friends, be aware of your ways. Each and every word you say, action you do, thought you think, will be made use of during the ultimate Judgement to determine your eternal future. So keep faith and never stray from the path of God!

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    • Thank you for the compliment, although I’m not writing from my own knowledge. I’m just writing the things I’ve experienced from God.. I don’t know why but when I sit down to write for God, things come flowing on to my hands and I just start writing! God bless you! šŸ™‚


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