Dwelling under the wings of God…

Psalms Chapter 91 verse 4: ” He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

I still remember the very day my father taught us of the importance of this verse in our lives.

Hello again, dear readers. As some of you may have read in the previous post to this one, ( “The Man Who gave up a Life-Saving Opportunity”) You may have noticed where I mentioned that if you stray from His path, God will take away the shield of protection from you and you will become vulnerable to the devil’s attacks. Actually, what is the shield of protection?

To explain this, I can think of no better role-model than the hen itself.

The mother hen keeps all of it’s beautiful chicks under it’s wings to protect them from the dangers lurking outside, like predators, or bad weather, etc. But just think of what may

Just look at those adorable chicks under the wings of their mother, safe and sound.. and to think that’s you and me..

happen when one of them, just out of curiosity, peeps out to see what’s going on, when in fact the mother is trying to hide it from a snake?

The chick would indeed see the snake, and it would definitely frighten it and try to get hold of it before it dives back into the sea of feathers.

Okay, now what if the chick is just dying of curiosity to get out and be free for some time.. what are the chances of the snake getting him now, hmmm?

Well my friends, no surprise, that is you and me.. yes, you and I are similar to those chicks.

A chick that comes to the mother instantly at her call and stays under the shadow of her wings will never be caught or hurt by anything. Yet a chick that disobeys it’s mother’s commands and gets out of the protection provided by her wings is a million times more vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.. I hope you can see now that the chicks are us and the mother hen is the almighty God, and that the predator is the devil.

Let me go back to the quote: “He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust..”

His feathers mark the boundaries of our freedom.. no, His feathers mark the boundaries over which no devil can touch us.. His feathers mark the boundaries that save us and keep us safe in this evil world.

Keep within those boundaries. To do that, be obedient of God’s commands. Try to grow to the fullest means of being a true Christian.. Control your temptation to be part of the sinful world… be aware that it is the devil himself tempting you, not your silly “wings of freedom trying to take flight” or anything like that..

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean you must give up your dreams.. it means you must not let yourself be tempted into even slightly bending God’s laws for your own pleasure.. because the snake is out there.. waiting for a chance..

YOU are the one that should deny him that chance..

God bless you!



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