What is happening to us today?

Dear readers,

Hello and welcome once again! I’m so sorry that I am not able to update my posts as frequently as I used to before. I really do miss the daily traffic and comments and activity on my blog.

I did tell you that I’d start on the Ten Commandments this time, but first I’d like to touch on a very significant subject before we get any deeper into the matter of “Law and Order”.

I don’t know if this is the same for everyone else out there, but to me, it seems as though something strange is going on in the world. Something is not right somewhere. It’s like there’s a gap in the certainty of our world, do you know what I mean?

I’d like all of you to actively comment on this one, ’cause I’d like to turn this into an active discussion with participants from different perspectives.

So what I’m saying is, there is somethingTERRIBLYwrong going on. Now, over the next posts, we will surely be discussing many controversial subjects such as the concept of the end of the world, aliens and ufo’s, (I know you’re thinking why I’m mentioning something like this in a Christian blog, but you’ll see soon enough) the planet Nibiru, global warming, the polar shift, etc. and we’ll look at these subjects in relation to the Bible, God’s plans for us and the deception of the devil.

Now, bear with me, because I know all this is confusing you as you read some random “irrelevant” things, but trust me, these things are to be considered with the utmost open-mindedness. Just as I always say, in my blog, I’ll prompt you to rethink some things you think you know about life and things that you believe are true.. I’ll prompt you to reconsider some rigid beliefs you have about the world.

But I won’t drop the subject I’ve already introduced in my previous post, that is, the Ten Commandments. Over the next couple of months, we’ll have a mix of some of this and some of that.. We’ll discuss many alternating matters and I’ll be very happy to know your honest opinion, so don’t hesitate to comment all you want.

But for now, before I conclude my post for the day, this is all I can say to you:


God knows what, but me and my family can feel it in our guts. Something is imminent to occur, and I feel it my duty to discuss it with my readers and to thus have at least some of you considering the fact.

Please do comment if you also feel like something is going to happen soon, or if you have a different opinion on the matter, then do mention it in your comment.

As I said, we’ll be able to discuss our opinions openly, and I hope you all keep up with your faith, for it is the one most important thing that can save us from anything in the universe!

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Till next time, God bless you and may the peace of Christ be with you.



Law and Order

Hello there again dear readers! I’m glad to be writing to you today!!

For quite some time we’d been discussing several things in my blog, and I hope you’ve been able to analyze them all and come to conclusions on several matters… Well, from today onwards I will be spending some time on this specific subject. “Law and Order”

Now, many people today limit their Bible reading to the Psalms, where there is a lot of

Why not extend your reading to the “piercing” parts of the Bible? Such as God’s laws and what you’ll have to face if you disobey them??

chapters of praise to God and where it is described of how God will bless us and help us and keep us safe and guide us.. Of course you should read the Psalms; it is an important part of the Bible. But why stop there? If not the Psalms, some people choose to pick out some “safe” verses of the Bible, if you know what I mean.. verses that say again of God’s blessings to His children. But as I said, why stop there? Why do people often “forget” about or ignore the verses stating facts like the laws of God and the consequences you’ll have to face if you disobey them?

I mean each and every word written in the Bible is to be read.. The Bible is a concise writing consisting of prediction, law, truth and information. The past, the present and the future is reflected throughout it’s chapters. No science has ever been able to disprove the Bible’s writings.

Hebrews 4:12

King James Version (KJV)

12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

The Word of God is a Two-Edged sword

The Word of God is “sharper than any two-edged sword”..
Two-edged means it can pierce at both sides. When we use the Word of God, it can not only pierce your enemy, but it can also pierce you, if you haven’t worn the shield of righteousness. What I’m trying to say is that no matter how big of a believer you are, if you have strayed from the path of righteousness even the slightest bit, then the Word can also pierce you.

So why did I say so much about the Word of God and yet name the post “Law and Order”?

You’ll see soon enough. God has set us a strictly righteous path to follow in order to reach heaven. It’s our fault if we allow ourselves to even accidentally stray from it a little bit and

What path have you chosen? Are you still on track with your chosen path, or did you “accidentally” get off of it some while back?

then follow some other path to nothing but the opposite of heaven.

In order to walk the righteous path, God has given us the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Obeying these commandments and at the same time believing in Jesus and repenting from our ways and being baptized- this beautiful mixture of the colors of Christian life will turn you white, but only if all colors are added.

( I just remembered, if you take a little round disc, and divide it equally into six [or seven] parts and color each part one of the six basic colors, and then pass a thread through the middle of it and spin it in high speed, you can see that they merge into the color white! )

So stay tuned for the next post as we will be discussing the Ten Commandments and what to make out of each of them, from a lot of different perspectives.

If you have any questions on the matter, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at: steny8295@yahoo.in

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God bless all of my wonderful readers who take their time to know God, and dtill we meet next time, May the peace of Christ be with you! 🙂


Christ’s Return- My Aching Wait

Hello there again dear readers! I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to post articles for a few days this week… I may have to change the “one post per two days” practice of mine to ” a post per 3-4 days” as now I’m returning to my studies and I’m becoming a lot more busy than before. But I’ll never stop posting.. of course not! Oh, and I request all readers to take part in this poll:

I was planning on starting a series of related subjects this time, but I’ve decided to postpone that to the next time. Right now I’d like to share a poem I wrote a while ago. I wrote it with feelings deep from my heart so I thought I’d share it with my dear readers.

It’s a poem I wrote one day when I couldn’t stand the wait for Christ’s return. I was sitting outside, gazing at the sky, clouds floating by lazily…

I started thinking of how Jesus  Christ, the one I love most in this world, will someday come in one of those clouds to take us back home.. then I thought, “why does He take so

long?” My heart got filled with both the excitement of being taken to heaven someday in the rapture, and the feeling of loneliness as I wait and wait and wait.. and out of that chaos of feelings, this poem came to existence: Enjoy! 🙂

Your Return

When, my Lord, shall You return,
When , to calm my heart in burn?

For, ages, I have searched the skies,
And tears, I shed from aching eyes.

At every thunder roaring high, 
I hope to see the face of Thine.

At every lightning gleaming by,
I hope to meet You in the skies!

For, like a child away from home, 
And like a leaf amidst the storm,

I seek the path I lost, the way
That leads me home when I'm astray.

Purify your hearts

Hi again dear readers. I’m glad to write for God again!

I don’t know why, but for some reason I decided that the title for my post today should be “Purify your hearts”. I never thought of what I’ll write as my content, but it seems that my fingers know just what to do.

A key component of a good prayer is a pure heart. When you sit down to pray, your hearts must be pure, and by pure I mean in all ways pure. Only a pure heart can connect with God.

That means that before sitting down to pray, you must check yourself thoroughly in the inside to get a clear picture of just what is exactly going on in there. Do you have jealousy towards anyone at all for any reason? Have you ever hurt someone on purpose and justified yourself in heart?

Have you ever been disloyal to someone, or taken advantage of someone’s trust in you? Have you ever been boastful of yourself and looked down upon others?

Have you ever felt ashamed to claim you’re a child of God in front of others? Have you ever betrayed Jesus by words like Peter did?

Have you ever thought of paying someone back for his bad deeds towards you? Is that thought of revenge still on standby in you heart, awaiting for a chance? Have you ever thought less of God? Have you ever thought less of Christ? Have you ever thought less of prayer? Have you ever joked of God? Have you ever thought “why do I need to pray? It’s so silly and tiring..”?

Have you ever purposely lied to God or to you close friends or family? Have you ever looked away from a person seeking help? Have you ever even considered sinning? Have you ever let sinful thoughts enter your mind at all?

Have you really lived a righteous life? Have you really not hurt anyone nor done anything wrong in life?

Consider it.

Cleanse your heart of all of these that you find down there by admitting to each of these to Christ. Open up your heart and say, “Jesus, look at me.. this is what I’ve done, and I never realized it.. please cleanse me and forgive me so I may pray in peace”

It doesn’t matter if you’re born again or baptized or no matter how much a child of God you are, you still have to make sure you’re on the right path by soul-searching, and thus

Let’s follow the model of our dear Lord and pray with an open heart, admitting your fears and doubts.. seeking solace in our Lord.. seeking the will of our Father..

realizing your own wrong-doings and repenting for them again.

Me, my mother and father do this when we sit down to pray.
I’m not ashamed to admit to God that I’ve been sometimes jealous or heartless to people. A heart that’s ready to admit it’s wrong-doings is what God loves most.

Remember this: No one’s perfect.

You and me.. we need to cleanse and purify our hearts, before we sit down to pray.

I’d like to know if you were able to try doing this yourself, so please comment.. May the peace of Christ be with you!

The Lost Drunkard..

Hi there again dear readers! Now, let me continue with the story of the drunkard I was talking about last time.

As I was saying, this man kept repeating the process of repenting, making an oath to get baptized, and drinking again the very next day.

I kept going through the same emotional cycle of getting my hopes high up in the skies and getting myself ready to be baptized (I’d made a decision to get baptized the very same day that he would), and then sinking down to the depths of despair when I find that he’s back to drinking..

We were all tired of this exhausting process.. Believe me, it continued on for  several years, until finally, dad couldn’t take it anymore. We felt that he was playing around with God.

One day, dad had a private conversation with him. This was after one of his major fails. You see, we gave him a sort of “last chance” for repent, hoping he wouldn’t fail again. We had decided to baptize him, finally, on a week around Christmas a few years back. We told everyone we knew to come take part in the ceremony.. everyone! It was known to all our friends that this man would be baptized around Christmas time..

I asked my mom if I could also be baptized, and she said it all depended on my decision. I was of course happy and ready, ’cause I’d been waiting for this moment all my life! But my father sat in thought while I presented this idea to him. Finally, he said I could, and I was hopping around with joy! It felt like it was almost too good to be true.. and it was….

He carried up his old habits again, just as we had in the depths of our hearts feared. After this incident, my father had a private talk with him. He said that if he ever repeated this again, he would never be given another chance in life again. My father said that his days were numbered and he had only a little time to make a decision. My father also said that if he were to ever drink again, this would be the last time he’d ever see his (my father’s) face.

He promised not to drink ever again and all and fell to the floor crying. After that, we had hope that he’d be at least a little afraid of God and would stop drinking. But one day not long after dad had this conversation with him, when we were traveling by car to meet someone else at this city in India (it’s the city where this man’s house is), my mother shouted out to the driver to stop, and we were all startled. My mom said “It’s him!”

Those were the most heart-breaking words I ever heard, as I looked and saw him sitting there on the side of the street, swaying back and forth in pain as the great quantities of alcohol he had last night burned his stomach and intestines. He looked like a beggar.

We looked at dad. “Let’s go. I said he would never see me again if he drank… Take a good look, ’cause he may not be spared by God.”, he said, and we did, and then drove off to a nearby hotel, where we always stopped to refresh ourselves. I was furious! I had this huge war waging in my heart between feelings of sympathy towards a repeat sinner, then feelings of anger and hate towards the man for taking God’s words so lightly and sinning with no fear for Him, and then feelings of anguish as I remembered dad’s words “He may not be spared by God”.

We talked a lot, each of us spilling out our varying emotions. It’s sad to say, that not long after, maybe about a few days after this incident, a friend of ours who knew him called to tell us that he died. A speeding car at night hit him.

Hey, when I’m telling these stories, don’t be frightened my friends. Don’t misunderstand my words as if I’m trying to tell everyone how frightening or heartless God is. There’s just some times when God is so annoyed by someone, that he must do something in order to make it known to people that they MUST obey God’s words and stick to their promises.

You see, these two men I’ve mentioned these days, well, they experienced the touch of God in their lives and were forgiven and saved. They were made children of God. God healed them and forgave them and gave them the opportunity to live a beautiful life of purity and health and peace. They were given the opportunity to live a life full of hope. And yet they took it for granted and went their ways. Not God’s way. They chose to follow sin rather than the Almighty God, even though they knew the consequences. How could they disobey God to such proportions?

God is a God of forgivance and peace, and love. But when someone makes a fool out of Him and his servants… you know what I mean.

Remember the married couple Ananias and Sapphira,  told of in the new Testament, who lied to the Holy Spirit about how much they had to offer, and they died then and there. Do not lie to the Holy Spirit. Do not do things thinking God can’t see you. God knows EVERYTHING. There’s nothing you can hide from Him.

God is not someone you can just play around with…He is of utmost purity, power and divinity… please make sure that you understand this.

Important Update on “The Man Who Gave Up A Life-Saving Opportunity”! Need to read this..

Hello there again dear readers!

I hope you remember the post named “The Man Who Gave Up A Life-Saving Opportunity”
where I explained to you the true story of a man who came to us for prayer for his brain tumor, and got healed, but sinned so bad that he ended up on his death-bed.

If you haven’t read that post so far, then please click here and read it before you go any further on this one.

Just this morning, we were able to know from a friend, that he.. he passed away. Yes, he died. I’m sad to say this but he could have resisted all temptations and stood by the promise he made to God. If he had done that, and not sinned after God had performed such a miracle in his life, then he would still be alive and healthy as ever.

I hope you are all aware of the power of God’s hand. I want you to understand that once you decide to live for God, then you MUST pull through it no matter what hardships your decision brings you. If you’ve really and wholly decided from the depth of your heart to become a child of God, then you’ll never even feel like temptations are there anymore.

You must resist all temptations. No matter how good of a friend he/she is to you, DO NOT bend God’s laws for your own convenience. The most important thing is pleasing God, NOT your Friends.

Let me tell you the story of another man who tried to tease around with God.

There was this man who was a complete drunkard. And when I say a complete drunkard, I mean a COMPLETE drunkard.

He came to us when I was about 8-9 years old. I still remember his face, sometimes sober, sometimes not, sometimes hiding something, sometimes innocent. Funny, as a matter of fact, he’s the first person for whom I’ve ever cried my heart out during prayer. The need to get him out of his troubling life of alcohol moved my little heart so much that for the first time in life I prayed in tears.
This is why I can’t forget him no matter how hard  I try.

We loved him like our own family. He was a huge drunkard. Some say it’s his wife and daughter’s lack of love that makes him drink so much (to forget the pain of rejection and hate), but some say that it’s his continuous drinking that makes his family hate him.

Either way around, his problem was alcohol. And he needed get out of it’s grips of temptation. He himself told us that he hated himself for his bad habit, but he couldn’t help it. He needed someone to save him from this addiction.

We prayed for him, and told him not to even look into a single bar on his way home. He gave his heart for Christ, promised to never drink again, and promised to get baptized the very next week by my father’s hands.

Well, we were very happy to hear this, of course! I was so happy that the first person I shed tears for was saved!

The events after that repeated themselves for quite a few years before we (and God too, I suppose) got tired. A few days after his “repent”, he went back to his old ways. I was heart-broken. It was my first experience with a repeat-sinner. Little did I know I was to meet many similar people.

About a year later, he came back to our church. He said he was sorry so much and we prayed for him again. He took an oath to never touch alcohol again in his life. And we decided that after sometime he would be baptized. But guess what! He started drinking again!

As you can guess, this process repeated itself every year. We were tired to the point of exhaustion of hearing his renewed plans for a straight life every single year and then finding him unconscious at the foot of a bridge or half-immersed in a drainage system.

Sorry everyone, but I can’t complete this story in today’s post. Stay tuned for my next post where I tell you the rest of the story of a confused drunkard!

Till then, God bless you and keep up your faith!

For prayer requests, contact my father who’s an evangelist: joysimonapb@yahoo.com

My e-mail: steny8295@yahoo.in

Yahweh the Fire of Justice- part two

Hello there again dear readers! I’m sorry it took me so long to post the second part of my article about God’s heavenly fire. Now, let’s get on with the matter!

Last time, I wrote about how God appeared to Moses in flames. Let’s see some more examples told of in the Bible:

2. Chariot of Fire

We have all heard of the story where a Chariot of Fire came down from heaven to take Elijah to heaven alive, thus parting Elijah and Elisha.

  2 Kings, 2:11 : “And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.”

Sometimes I wonder how painful it must have been for Elisha to part with Elijah after being with him for so long and learning from him and witnessing countless miracles of God

Elijah being taken away in God’s chariot of fire

along the way.

God’s chariot that came to take Elijah away, was that of fire. Even the horses were of fire. Can you imagine that? Elijah was such a man of God, righteous in his  ways and always close to Him, that he could not be allowed to die on earth like any other man. What a lucky man! It’s sad that in these generations, we can’t find someone who wants to be nearly as close to God..

3.The God that Answereth by Fire

Here let us look at a few verses of 1 Kings, Chapter 18:

24′ And call ye on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord: and the God that answereth by fire, let him be God. And all the people answered and said, It is well spoken.

This is the part where Elijah stands up for our Lord with ultimate faith, to show the others who is the true and living God. I admire and dream to become like these great people of the past, for the fact that they were never reluctant to take up challenges against other fake gods or beliefs. They were in fact enthusiastic about such challenges, and the one and only reason is simple: “Pure Faith”!

If you read on from that verse, you can see that Elijah was very patient and gave them enough time and more to try their best at “awakening” their gods; he gave them sufficient time to tire themselves out to the point that they lost all faith in these fake gods.

After that, he started his work. He built an altar in the name of the Lord, and made a trench about the altar which was to be filled with water. The wood he placed on the altar and the bullock he cut into pieces which he placed upon the wood- everything was drenched in water.

36′ And it came to pass at the time of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, and said, Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel and I am thy servant, and that I have done these things at thy word. 37′ Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again.

The God that Answereth by Fire

38′ Then the fire of the Lord fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.

God’s fire was strong enough to consume even the stones, and the dust.. It licked up the water in the trench.. Oh, I think I need not explain the apparent glory and miraculousness of any of that.

Dear friends, our God does not abandon us when we choose to stand up for Him. He never leaves us when we are trying to show the world what He is capable of doing. If you have the faith to go out into the busy streets, and tell the world that they will see a tree grow in the middle of the road by God’s power, then God will definitely make sure the tallest, strongest tree grows out of the road..

If you have the faith to step out of your house during the attack of a huge tornado, and command it to disappear in the name of Jesus Christ, then it will surely disappear. No doubt about it.

If you have the faith to command a murderer while he’s trying to kill you, to kneel down before God, then his heart will shake in fear of the power and mightiness of God, and he WILL obey you.

This is what we lack today.. faith.. “Pure Faith!” Some people may be brave enough to sort of try and command something to go away in God’s name, and then when it doesn’t happen, they start blaming God for betraying them. But they never stop to think what exactly was going through their minds at the time..” wait, if this doesn’t happen, what will others think of me? Goodness, what have I gotten myself into? Now what will I tell everyone when this fails to happen? Anyway, let’s see how it turns out.. ”

Pure faith does not allow such thoughts to come to mind when waiting for God’s miracle to happen. Pure faith makes your heart ready for something to happen. Pure faith makes you believe this will happen in God’s name, just like how you believe the sun will come up tomorrow. It’s just impossible for you to not believe.

Keep your faith, and check yourselves to make sure you have that beautiful pure faith that makes God do miracles for you.. Till next time.. God bless you! 🙂