Important Update on “The Man Who Gave Up A Life-Saving Opportunity”! Need to read this..

Hello there again dear readers!

I hope you remember the post named “The Man Who Gave Up A Life-Saving Opportunity”
where I explained to you the true story of a man who came to us for prayer for his brain tumor, and got healed, but sinned so bad that he ended up on his death-bed.

If you haven’t read that post so far, then please click here and read it before you go any further on this one.

Just this morning, we were able to know from a friend, that he.. he passed away. Yes, he died. I’m sad to say this but he could have resisted all temptations and stood by the promise he made to God. If he had done that, and not sinned after God had performed such a miracle in his life, then he would still be alive and healthy as ever.

I hope you are all aware of the power of God’s hand. I want you to understand that once you decide to live for God, then you MUST pull through it no matter what hardships your decision brings you. If you’ve really and wholly decided from the depth of your heart to become a child of God, then you’ll never even feel like temptations are there anymore.

You must resist all temptations. No matter how good of a friend he/she is to you, DO NOT bend God’s laws for your own convenience. The most important thing is pleasing God, NOT your Friends.

Let me tell you the story of another man who tried to tease around with God.

There was this man who was a complete drunkard. And when I say a complete drunkard, I mean a COMPLETE drunkard.

He came to us when I was about 8-9 years old. I still remember his face, sometimes sober, sometimes not, sometimes hiding something, sometimes innocent. Funny, as a matter of fact, he’s the first person for whom I’ve ever cried my heart out during prayer. The need to get him out of his troubling life of alcohol moved my little heart so much that for the first time in life I prayed in tears.
This is why I can’t forget him no matter how hard  I try.

We loved him like our own family. He was a huge drunkard. Some say it’s his wife and daughter’s lack of love that makes him drink so much (to forget the pain of rejection and hate), but some say that it’s his continuous drinking that makes his family hate him.

Either way around, his problem was alcohol. And he needed get out of it’s grips of temptation. He himself told us that he hated himself for his bad habit, but he couldn’t help it. He needed someone to save him from this addiction.

We prayed for him, and told him not to even look into a single bar on his way home. He gave his heart for Christ, promised to never drink again, and promised to get baptized the very next week by my father’s hands.

Well, we were very happy to hear this, of course! I was so happy that the first person I shed tears for was saved!

The events after that repeated themselves for quite a few years before we (and God too, I suppose) got tired. A few days after his “repent”, he went back to his old ways. I was heart-broken. It was my first experience with a repeat-sinner. Little did I know I was to meet many similar people.

About a year later, he came back to our church. He said he was sorry so much and we prayed for him again. He took an oath to never touch alcohol again in his life. And we decided that after sometime he would be baptized. But guess what! He started drinking again!

As you can guess, this process repeated itself every year. We were tired to the point of exhaustion of hearing his renewed plans for a straight life every single year and then finding him unconscious at the foot of a bridge or half-immersed in a drainage system.

Sorry everyone, but I can’t complete this story in today’s post. Stay tuned for my next post where I tell you the rest of the story of a confused drunkard!

Till then, God bless you and keep up your faith!

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    • Thanks for the deep comment! I like it when my readers actually take their time to analyze the things I’m trying to tell them like you have! Thank you for the encouragement and may God bless you! 🙂


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