Alien life form- Devils??

Hello and my warmest greetings to my dearest readers today! I am doing great by God’s grace and I can never be thankful enough to God for the touch of His presence in my life!

So let us continue the subject we talked about in our previous post. Aliens. I have already stated my opinion about them. But today I would like to share some more Bible verses that my father lent me and discuss their appearance as part of what I am saying.

Have you ever seen what an “alien” looks like? I do not mean the hoaxes and mock pictures, but a real one? Youtube has many videos from around the world showing real “alien” life forms, but although some of them are fake, a lot of them are true videos as we can infer from the way the video has been taken.

These creatures look absolutely horrible. Yes, ugly and repulsive. They look like the ugliest and most evil things the earth ever beheld. That’s why I so strongly believe they are devils. Now some people argue they are angels from God. Sorry to say this but I strongly disagree to those views. The reason is because in the Bible we read of many instances where the angels of God have come to visit and bring comfort to humans, and none of those tell of angels as being ugly or generating fear in the minds of humans. All angels from God are holy and introduce themselves saying the phrase, “Fear not” for they know men will fear their sudden appearance otherwise.
But what do these alien creatures do? They try not to be seen by humans and whenever they are seen, they frighten the people who see them. They are also found to dwell in areas where not many humans are around. Yes, they definitely don’t sound like angels to me.

2 Corinthians Chapter 11 verse 14:

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

This is our Lord’s warning of the devil himself in order to keep ourselves free from his deception. The Bible says that satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Now what does this mean exactly?

Jesus Christ is the light of the world. So an angel of light is an angel from heaven or an angel bringing news from God. Therefore we can infer from this verse that satan will deceive human beings by making us think that they are heavenly creatures- or angels, as some have already started to believe!

My dear readers, no matter what, I do not want you to be deceived by this evil entity. I do not want my readers that have been reading of the truth and of the true God for so long to ever admit yourselves to being deceived by the devil.

The devil works in many deceiving ways that almost 99.99% of the humans on this earth- knowingly or unknowingly- are under the grips of evil today. Yes, this is a fact! Why otherwise would this world be filled with hatred and selfishness and have no trace of peace or love or morality? Everywhere we see people going about their lives with utterly no respect for God or law or morality.

Our motive is to be different from everyone else. Or at least that is how I wish to be. I do not see the need to completely “blend in with” everyone around me. I’d rather live a life that pleases my Savior than strive to be just like everyone else.

Sorry my dear readers but although this post is  a bit shorter, I am not able to write further in this post due to my time constraints. Therefore we shall continue this topic into the next post which I will try to make as fast as possible. Please stay tuned for my next post and look forward to it as I will share a bizarre experience with you next time!

In the meantime, may God bless you abundantly and may the peace of Christ be with you! Try your best to please God in your daily life and do not forget to give Him the utmost priority in life!

The time I spend writing to you of my Savior and of the truth gives me the utmost joy in life!

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Keep up your faith and until next time, bye for now!


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