Have Faith

Dearest readers, I am so glad to write to you today! God is blessing us immensely and I am filled with the urge to tell you that you should not fear at all if you have troubles in life.

I say this because I have personally witnessed many people getting healed and getting their troubles in life solved from simple faith and prayer, and I want to make sure that all of my readers understand that they are not alone.

You have me and my family to look to if you ever need guidance or prayer or just someone to talk to. That’s the reason why I started the new branch of my blog! Yes, I have started a new blog. This one is more of a question-and-answer blog, and it is there for you to ask all the questions you have regarding faith and living in the faith of Christ. That blog is there for your comfort and encouragement. So I urge you to visit it. Here’s a link:


I have personally known many people out there who were in dire need of prayer and comfort and after a good prayer in the true presence of Christ, they have all changed their views of life. They have all been restored with a new hope and resolution to do all they can for the kingdom of Christ.

Do you think that life is really harsh on you? Do you sometimes think that you are being treated unfair in life? Like everyone else around you have such great lives and you are

You do realize that Christ is there with open arms for you, right?

always on a struggle to make ends meet? Or have you lost peace of mind? Are you having sleepless nights?

Or are you ill and really suffering from some disease that you feel exhausted?

No matter what is troubling you in life, trust me, there is a solution. Christ has a simple and easy solution to everything you’re going through.

You should know, my dear readers, that me and my family- we have gone through such great hardships in life. I have grown up knowing the harshness of loneliness and hatred from others around us, but that has made me strong. The fact of the matter is that these hardships only occur to those that God wishes to turn towards Him.

Yes, that is true. God loves you so much that He wants you to open your hearts to Him, and that happens when you are facing troubles in life. That’s why God allows such things to happen to you- so you will finally turn to Him and grow close to Him in those times of hardship and become stronger in faith.

So don’t be discouraged when bad things happen in life. Don’t curse your life when things go wrong. Life is always like a winding, bumpy mountain road. Sometimes you have to

The road is long, but don’t give up.

face unexpected turns, or you have to climb over some obstacle to get to your destination. Sometimes the road goes up, but with every climb, you will have to also face a descent back to the lower parts of life. Your feet may have to endure the roughness of the dirt path. Sometimes the sun may be scorching hot, some other times the cold wind may torture you.

Sometimes you may feel like giving up, but those are the times when you must remember that Jesus Christ is walking along with you all the way, and that you just don’t realize it, but He is there to turn to whenever you need help. He’ll help you up the steepest hills and over the thorny parts of the road. He’ll hold your hand when you’re too tired, and He’ll carry you when you’re exhausted. He’ll tell you which path to choose when you come across a fork in the road and don’t know which path to continue.

Just trust Him. He is the King of Love. He is the master of comfort. He is the Good Shepherd.

More over, He is ours if we believe!

May God bless you, and don’t forget to e-mail me for any questions: steny8295@yahoo.in

You are also welcome to e-mail my father, Evg. Joy Simon for guidance and prayer: joysimonapb@yahoo.com

You are all welcome to visit my new blog and leave a comment whenever you feel down in life. I’m always here for your comfort and encouragement! Just trust the Lord and He’ll make sure your journey is safe.

Till we meet next time, dear friends in Christ!



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