The Lord is coming soon! Time to repent of your sins everyone!

Today, I want you, whether or not you are saved, to consider these things seriously with me:

Take a look at the life you have been living for so long. What things have you achieved in all these years?

Do any of the things you achieved prove useful to God? If so, count how many and write down that number.

Now count all the things you did wrong in your lifetime. Things you KNOW you did wrong.

Don’t forget to include every single little detail, including sins and even sinful thoughts you had, including moments of jealousy, hatred, and vengeance, moments when you lied about people you hate or when you felt an urge to defeat your enemy.

Moments when you forgot about your faith in God. Moments when you blamed God for the hardships you were facing.

Moments when you pretended to not have money when a friend or suffering poor person came to you for help.

Moments when you laughed at a joke aimed at mocking the Lord. Moments when you didn’t stand up for Jesus Christ’s name, although you could have.

Moments when you back-stabbed your friends. Moments when you lied for your own gain.

Moments when you got angry at those who loved you. Moments when you acted boastfully before others. Moments when you wished you had the power and wealth that sinners have. Moments when you complained about being a Christian. Moments when you mocked people who believe in Christ for being “naive”.

Moments you forgot about God. Moments you remained silent when you could have spoken up for the true God.

I want you all to reflect upon your past life up until this morning, as I will do as well, and see for yourselves how greatly the wrongs you’ve done easily accumulate to more than the rights you’ve done.

Let us realize how generous and patient the living God is to tolerate our wrongs and forgive us and give us second chances again and again and again.

Let us try to change and pray to God to give us the strength to resist all evil.

God bless you.

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