A Year of Joy!

Hi my dearest readers, I hope all of you are doing well!!

I’m very glad and proud to say that today marks the first anniversary of this blog! I never realized that a whole year had already passed by so fast! Now as I look back, I realize that I have had great support from all of my readers and followers!

I began writing this blog with the intent of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ and His teachings to as many as possible, and to bring at least a few people to the Lord. I hope and pray that some of you out there have been able to grow closer to God.

First and foremost, I thank the Heavenly Father for giving me the content and passion to write about Him. The inspiration He gave me is what allows for the whole existence of this blog itself.

Dear followers, I thank you very much for your support and encouragement! Knowing that I have this many followers is also a good part of what gave me the drive to keep posting – knowing that there are actually people out there who have followed my blog in order to read everything I post.

To all of you readers, followers, “like”-ers from around the world, I have to say to you as an individual:

You have honored me as a writer by dedicating your time to read my articles every time you read my posts. You have also proved that you are willing to read about the Bible and learn more.

It has been my pleasure to blog for the Lord, and I will continue to do so!

Thank you very much once again, and stay tuned for more posts!

God bless each and every one of you! 🙂








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