God has a Controversy

The matter that God in heaven wills me to write to you this morning:

Men and women of the world, your sins have crossed the line of the Almighty Father’s patience. His heart is stabbed by your endless, forevermore increasing abominations and sins.

The Father of all peace and kindness now roars with wrath as His own creations stand against Him in utter ignorance and arrogant disobedience. No longer shall God be patient with the world. There was a time when He forgave the ignorant and gave them hundreds upon hundreds of chances to repent.

Those days are GONE.

His wrath has begun to unleash itself upon the inhabitants of the Earth as a plague that none can contain. It seeks to engulf the sinful man like a blazing flame.

Soon the Bride of the Lamb, the Body of Christ shall depart this ugly immoral land, and stand in glory with the Messiah. And for those of you that fail to be called in that rapture, that day shall be the most sorrowful in your life, for then the world will no longer contain the righteous souls for whose sake the Father had prevented His full wrath from wreaking havoc.

The light of the Holy Spirit shall be gone from this Earth, leaving it a vulnerable prey to the powers of famine, plague, hatred, and death.

And peace shall no longer be known to you. You shall forget love and happiness. Those days will be the worst  in the history of time. And yet, people will not change. You shall still hate the Lord with all your heart, bringing upon yourself twice the judgement.

“Why?”, asketh the Lord.

“Did I not send thee signs of my boiling wrath? Did you not see them?

Was thy heart so col as to not turn to Me even after knowing the consequences? What foolishness overcame you to forget the Lord of all creations? Was my blood not enough to satisfy you?

Was the great patience and tolerance I showed you when you trampled my name unseen?”

“Why did you not change, my child?”

He asks in agony.

And so do I.

Why are you not changing? I pray that you, yes, YOU, who are reading this now, will not be one of the many to hear God ask them “Why” at the very end.



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