The Lord Controls Everything!

Fear not, my dear readers, for the Lord has control over every thing in the world! I’d like to share with you today another experience we had with the mighty hand of God.

This happened when we were in South India. My father was supposed to speak at a huge gospel meeting in an open stadium, but the problem was that it was drenching wet there. It was raining and making the whole place muddy and unsuitable for our meeting.

Also, if it rains people won’t be able to come or stay there to hear the word of God. But my father went to the stadium, in the middle of the rain, along with a brother that was there to help us. He was also a man who trusted God. My father raised his hands to two directions, and he asked his brother to raise his hands in the two other directions. Standing right in the middle of the muddy stadium, my father prayed to God to stop the rain and commanded the winds of all four directions to hold the clouds away from that place until the meeting was over.

It immediately stopped raining! And the gospel meeting was a great success, thanks to God! We heard from others that those days, it was raining everywhere else in the same little city, except for the area where our stadium was. I was a very young child at the time, but I clearly remember the incident. It was always in my heart, and inspired me to believe in God and to someday do the same thing if possible! Rainfall-Desktop--1800x2880

Well I should say God gave me a chance of my own many years later. This happened when we were still in South India. We were getting ready for one of our greatest gospel meetings in a while! All our group members were at our  home, while we were all getting ready to set out to drive about 30 minutes to the place where our meeting was going to be set.

Final moment prayers and preparations were happening happily, when suddenly the sky went dark. To our surprise, it started pouring rain! Heavy rain! We were all disappointed, because never before for any of our meetings had it rained the very same day.

Now, the reason rain is such a problem for us, is because in India, we usually conduct such meetings in villages, and there, most people walk to the meetings, and also, the meetings are all held out in the open air. There are not that many buildings that have all the facilities needed for gospel meetings, or could fit everyone. If it rains, most likely 90% of the people won’t be able to make it, and the rest will have to sit in the rain if they even want to attend, and so will we.

It was really depressing to everyone in our group to see the heavens pouring out such a heavy rain just a few minutes before we were supposed to go for the meeting. We had all been blessed the past days with many miracles and signs that God was with us.

But this sudden rain made everyone sad. Everyone stopped preparing for things, and just sat there staring at the floor, wondering what to do next. We were all even talking about maybe postponing the meeting.

But I had been so excited about this meeting, that I thought it would not be good to give up without a final fight. I sneaked outside, telling no one, and I stood there looking at the dark clouds rolled up above us. I raised my right hand to the sky, as a little girl, and prayed toa-dark-prairie-storm-c2a9-2011-christopher-martin God, “Father, we are all YOUR children, and we are trying to spread Your message. Please do not let us down, and let us do our work for You in Your name. Please get rid of these clouds, and let the rain stop right now before me, I ask in faith in the name of Jesus Christ!”

I was pushing my faith to the limits when I expected the rain to stop immediately. And I stood for a second with my eyes closed, hoping it would stop raining, using every inch of myself to believe. But a beautiful wind came sweeping through, and it was blowing in my direction. It was as if the wind was asking me to open my eyes. I looked up and saw that this huge yet calm wind was carrying away all the clouds! It stopped raining, and the skies cleared then and there! The wind had taken away the rain! I was so overjoyed that I jumped back into the house and brought everyone out to look, and we all embraced each other in joy!

We went to the meeting, and my father told the people of how a simple prayer of faith could change the climate for the glorification of God! It didn’t rain a single drop for the two days that we held the meeting, and as soon as the meeting was over, and everyone was safely back in their homes, it started raining again!

It was such a beautiful sign of reassurance for us, especially me, because that instance gave me the courage and confidence that no matter who you are, or how inexperienced you are, your faith is what counts before God, and that He will do what you ask according to His will if you believe.

It also showed me that God has ultimate control over everything on earth, for everything is His creation. Psalms chapter 135 verse 7 says:He causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he maketh lightnings for the rain; he bringeth the wind out of his treasuries.”images

Also, we have all read of how Jesus calmed the seas: And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.”

Jesus said that whoever believes in Jesus Christ will be able to use their faith to do miracles in His name. It is not our power, but the power of the name that we believe in before which the whole universe surrenders in obedience.

Don’t be afraid of the storm, because if the storm is huge and dark, our Lord of light has control and a millions times more authority and power over it.

God bless!!


  1. I have learnt more that the only network that moves God is by us having 100% total faith in Him…. Stenila i thank God for the faith you managed to rise up that day, right now it’s helping the world as a stepping stone, big up Jesus Christ , Amen!


    • Yes sister, our faith is very important for God to work. We have to believe in Him like a little child would believe in his dad’s promise for something.
      God bless you!!


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