Nothing is impossible with God!!

When we were conducting prayers and gospel meetings in  India, a woman came to our home asking for prayer.

She said she had a tumor in her stomach, and that she has always been in pain. She really wanted to see if she could be free from it. She had been going to the doctors for scanning for several years.

My father taught her from the Bible about the power of faith and about the power of God that could cure instantly, and asked her to believe.

He rebuked the devil in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and sent her home, telling her that she would no longer need any treatment for her tumor, and that she should claim the healing in faith and not go back to the doctors again.

Well, we were all surprised when she came in the next week, in the middle of our prayer, frightened. We had no idea what she was so afraid of. My father asked her “What’s wrong, sister?” and she said “My tumor is GONE!!!”

We all sighed in relief and rejoiced in the miracle of God! When we asked her about it further, we found out that right after the prayer the last week, her tumor had disappeared! But she was so frightened, as this was her first encounter with the mighty power of God.

She was really baffled wondering what happened to her tumor that had been there for so many years! She said she was looking for the tumor, to see where it had moved to (poor lady didn’t realize she had actually been healed!), so she went to the doctors, asking them to find out where her tumor was!

The doctors scanned her and said that the tumor had disappeared for good, and there was no trace of it in her body!!

My dear friends, if you ask God to heal you in faith, and if you believe with all your heart, He will heal you no matter what. Once He heals you, you just have to claim it in faith. Once Jesus heals you, you have no more need of a doctor or any more prayers for that matter, because His healing is complete and perfect.

May God be with all of you.


One comment

  1. Faith in God is the true power over our challenges while we still live on earth, I thank God for your father’s prayers my sister, and my self i received the same anointing of the power of healing today,watch the space for my testimony it’s gonna be hot, I love Jesus Christ, he is wonderful and there is no healer like Him, God i glorify your name for healing that lady from that tumor, I thank you Holy Ghost for your acts at all times.


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