When will Jesus return?

Good morning my dear readers!

Today I would like to clarify some things that are really confusing a surprisingly large number of Christians around the world.

This is a question that arises in all of our minds naturally:                                                    When is the Second Coming of Jesus? When will He finally return to take up His bride?

Well, I have been hearing of a lot of people that claim to be “prophets”, and are trying to fix a date for the coming of the Lord! Claiming they have been told by God when the rapture will be, they are roaming the land deceiving people massively!

Let me ask one question though: Who on earth gave them the right to look into God’s schedule? Who are they to mark a date on the calendar for God so He can send His Son?

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not blaming anyone who says the coming of Christ is near; we all know that it is very imminent. But I am talking about some people who say that Christ’s coming is on this date or that, saying it will be after this many years and such.

If you read the Bible, it states clearly in Mark Chapter 13 verse 32: “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”

The Lord Himself said that no man knows that hour, not the angels in heaven, nor even the SON Himself! The Father is the only One Who knows exactly when that day will be. If this Word of God is true, then I find it hard to believe any prophet who says they know exactly when the Lord will come.

The Lord could come at any  moment; He could come in several years, or He could come this week! Who knows, He could come even this very moment as I am writing to you!

But the essence of the matter is, NOBODY knows when it will be! The Lord made it that way so that He can distinguish the true Christians who really love the Lord by how they will be prepared always, no matter what.

But the Lord has told us the signs that will tell us the coming is very near. Stay tuned for the next post!







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