New Year.. New Beginnings

Happy new year to all my beloved readers!!!!

Posts have been slow the past few months due to some unavoidable duties, but more is yet to come starting the year of 2014!

Every new year makes one think of the countless resolutions people around the world make for various matters like losing weight, improving oneself, achieving goals, etc.

But let me remind you all one thing: no matter what you resolve to do, make sure that first and foremost, you ask God for His guidance and that His will may be carried out in your life!

Today marks the start of another 365-day marathon..

We are all runners in it, and sometimes we’ll see the unfair and unjust gaining advantage..

But as long as you try your level best to reach the goal that God has set for you, being ever loyal to following a path of righteousness and truth, then your reward in heaven will be great!

Keeping in mind that your personal relationship with God is all that matters, have a wonderful new year!!!!


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