Israel vs. Gaza: What does this tell us?

If you have been following the international news lately, you will see that tensions are rising between Israel and Gaza. They are firing rockets at each other and thanks to the Iron Dome system of Israel, the Israeli people are being protected from the hundreds of rockets fired by Gaza.

But still the news and other media seem to only report one side of the story. To many people out there, Israel seems to be the mean one, attacking Gaza mercilessly. This is not true. Israel has the right to defend itself after Hamas has fired so many rockets into Israel. The reason innocent children and women are becoming victims in Gaza is because Hamas is using them – their own people – as shields from the bombs of Israel. They are putting their own innocent civilians in the path of danger and then blaming Israel. Yet Israel uses their technology and rockets to protect their people.

Israel, like I said earlier, is the apple of God’s eye. As Christians we must respect that and pray for Israel !!!! All these signs are only indicators that the coming of Jesus Christ is imminent. It can happen at any time, any day. There is no going back from all this chaos.

Look around you. Chaos has started to happen globally. Wars and rumors of wars. Kingdom against kingdom.

The degree of peace is going down everywhere. Please, my dear fellow Christians of the world, pray for our brethren suffering in other countries and also pray for Israel.

Pray and prepare yourselves for the coming of Christ!


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