Trust issues…

Once there was a man who gave his daughter everything she needed. He would even surprise her with things that he knew she needed, even if it meant that the father would have to skip a meal himself to find the money to provide for his daughter.

One night, the daughter asked her father for a new dress to wear to school the next morning. The father said that he would buy her the dress.

Then as the night went by, the daughter grew anxious. Her old dress had holes in them and was not at all wearable. If she didn’t have a new dress by the next morning, she would have to go to school cold and embarrassed.

She asked her father, “Papa, when are you gonna buy me that dress?”

The father looked at her and smiled. He said “You’ll have a new dress to wear to school tomorrow, I promise.” The girl was not able to believe him. She knew that all the stores would close soon, and that if her father didn’t hurry, she wouldn’t have a dress for school. She kept asking and asking and every single time, the father would just smile and repeat the same thing. ” You will wear a new dress to school tomorrow, trust me.”

The girl got really mad at him for lying to her when in fact he was not even trying to buy a dress. She got frustrated and sad and fell asleep that night mad at her father for treating her that way.

The next morning, however, when she woke up, she found an absolutely beautiful new dress laying on her bed. As she looked at it in amazement, her father walked in, and smiled again, and said “Did I not tell you that you would have a new dress in the morning?”

What actually happened was that the father had actually bought this dress some days ago when he saw that his daughter’s old dress was starting to show signs of ripping holes. He had just been waiting for her to actually need it before he gave it to her.

Our Father in heaven is the same. He knows what we need. And because He already knows about what we need and when we need it, He is always preparing new ways and opening new doors for us in our lives.

But the sad part about all of this is that we are always doubting him, just like the little girl in this story. We KNOW that God is capable of providing for us. We know that He has never let us down in the past. And yet, we choose to get mad at Him, question Him, and think bad of Him when we don’t get what we want right then and there.

God has a time for everything. He knows what you need, and He will give it to you at the right time. Now, I’m not necessarily talking about financial matters. If you are a righteous person who loves God and abides by His commandments, He will find some kind of way to make sure that you do not starve. If you are, however, starving, God has a plan behind it. God sometimes puts each of us through a time of hardship to teach us some things in life and to make us learn to depend on Him more. I and my family have personally gone through such times and it has always had a clear plan behind it.

That being said, God is not going to hear your prayers if you ask for money and a good career and a six-figure-salary. That is not the kind of prayer that the Lord hears.

But the point this story is trying to remind you is that every time you doubt God your Father, you are hurting Him a little in His heart. Do not doubt your Lord!

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

He is Almighty and Powerful. He can give you strength when you are weak, faith when you are down, courage when you feel frightened.

He can give you the protection of His angels when you call upon Him with faith in a situation of distress or danger. He can work miracles for you when all else seems impossible. He can heal you when all your doctors have given up hope on you.

All it takes, is the faith to ask Him. Have faith enough to ask Him, as well as to wait for Him to work on His own time. Sometimes He may not give you exactly what you want. God the Almighty Father has His own will as well, and He knows exactly what you need.

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.” (John 16:23)

Just trust Him.

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