Is Christmas alright for us?

First of all, I would like to wish all of my dear readers a very Merry Christmas!!!

By the way, I know that there are many Christians out there who think that celebrating Christmas is non-biblical, because of many reasons, like because we cannot be sure of when Jesus Christ’s birth was, or because God doesn’t instruct us to celebrate this day, or because some of the symbols of Christmas, like the Christmas tree or ornaments, etc. are similar to certain pagan symbols. For this reason, some Christians think that even wishing someone a Merry Christmas is a terrible sin and that we are partakers in paganism if we celebrate it. 

Well here is my take on the issue: If you in your heart truly believe that you are celebrating Jesus Christ, then I don’t believe that God would judge you as a pagan for the things you do like decorating your house or decorating a tree, if you prefer, out of joy for His birth!

I personally love the Christmas season, because no matter when Jesus Christ was born, Christmas day is the day for remembering His coming into this world. He came as man, lived among us, and died for us, and that is the most precious gift for all of mankind. Regardless, every single day that I live and breathe, is Christmas for me. I thank Him constantly in my heart for His sacrifice and cherish His presence, just as I believe many Christians out there do as well.

Now how we choose to remember Him on this day can differ for each and every person. If you love colors and lights, then I see nothing wrong in decorating your home, if that’s what you prefer. If another prefers to not show off in visual decoration but chooses to sing and/or listen to music then that will be their preference. 54135-Christmas-Begins-With-Christ

However, does God approve of Santa? I think not. Sure, Saint Nicholas was a person who was alive once. (Yes, that’s where the legend of Santa Claus comes from). Again it’s a matter of deciding how much importance you are giving something in your life over God. If you would rather let your kids dream of Santa for a few years, then so be it, as long as you tell them the truth later on and make sure their life emphasizes the love of God, and that they understand that God is most important in the end.

I hope this season will be one of good memories and joy for everyone out there!

And so, let us forget the differences in our views, and come together and cherish this day and every other for ages to come, uniting our hearts in remembrance of the arrival and sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Savior!!



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