The Shepherd’s Whispers…

The Shepherd’s Whispers

Courage, have I not, the least,

Weakest am I, so to speak.

Strength of muscles have I not,

Yet, with shaking limbs, I seek

Battle! War against the worst-

Against the rankest evil there!

Who am I, if I do not

The least oppose this rival, dare?

Frightened be my heart of now,

Frozen are my pulses, yet,

Firm, my feet become somehow,

Shaking knees begin to set.

Like a lamb newborn against

A hound so fierce, equipped with claws

And fangs, I stand there undeterred,

Although I be thus filled with flaws.

Weapons, have I none, nor strength

Nor the training, coarse, of years,

Yet my comfort lies in words

My Shepherd whispered in my ears!

~Stenila Simon


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