Imagine if, right now, there was a war between God and the devil. Which side would you pick? Now, what if I told you that this war is ACTUALLY going on right now? Lukewarm Christians are unknowingly supporting the wrong side. Let me tell you exactly what’s happening right now.

We contacted our friend in India to arrange for a gospel meeting there, and apparently it is hard to gain permission to hold any such meetings anymore. People over there are fearfully worshiping in their homes over there. Even people praying in their homes are being stopped from doing so in many places there. To do anything requires tremendous courage and the willingness to face the consequences.

All over the world, Christians are being constantly persecuted. It is dangerous to call yourself a Christian in many countries now, and it has come to the point where you can either be a Christian and get tortured or killed, or you can be a sinner and worldly person and stay alive.

Even in countries that call themselves democracies, the laws are still against Christians. We must fear being openly Christians because, apparently, people who hold fast to the Bible are being “extremists” in their faith. People who wish to speak out against the evil in the world get shunned and rejected by society.

Christianity is being called crazy, foolish, ancient, and hateful. WHAT? We are a people of peace and understanding, yet just because we speak our minds about what we think is wrong, we get categorized as haters.

People, this is not the time to stay silent. This is NOT the time to be asleep. This is NOT the time to be lazy about your faith.

Do you love Jesus Christ? Then what on earth are you doing staying away from the forefront of this spiritual battlefield? Who are you cowering away from? 

Are you afraid of what your friends and colleagues will think of you? Are you afraid of what your family will think of you? Are you afraid of what will happen to your place in society once you truly start claiming your faith openly?

What exactly are you afraid of?

SHOULD you even care what the world thinks? Would you rather be on God’s side and be shunned by the world, or would you like to be on the side of sinners and die to realize God will not accept you?

No, there is no way to be in the middle of both. You can’t be of the world AND be with God. 

To walk as high as the skies, one must first learn to leave hold of the ground. You MUST take a stand somewhere! You must be willing to rejoice in whatever consequences your faith will bring you.

No one said Christianity is an easy path.

Christians, how long will you live as if the Lord doesn’t care what you do with your life?

How long will you stay silent as the people around you continue to walk in darkness?

HOW LONG WILL YOU STAY SILENT when YOU are the only person who has glimpsed the light among your friends? 

You can’t sit back and say “someone else will get the job done”. NO. What do you think the disciples of Jesus Christ did for the world? They fearlessly proclaimed their faith as loud as they possibly could, they lived their lives as sacrifices to the living God, and rejoiced in BEING part of the greater light that lights up the world.

Every aspect of our lives has to revolve around our love for God, and every decision has to be taken according to His will. Only then will one truly become a disciple of Christ.

How longer will you indulge in worldly pleasures and merriment while the Lord prepares to return and judge the world very soon?

When He DOES return, where will He find you? Will he find you eating, drinking, gambling, and trying hard to impress society, or will he find you engaged in constant battle against the darkness???

Ask yourself this question.




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