The Lady Who Wanted her Tumor back!!

Today I’d like to share with all of you the strange story of a woman who came for prayer to us when we were in India.

Now those of you who have been reading my blog long enough know the story of how my father was saved from death by God’s miracle and how in the following three months we dedicated our time to prayer and seeking the Lord’s will. Well, we had our home opened up for people to come and have their issues prayed for. And just as sure, a neighbor came one day.

This lady and her husband were both members of the Adventist church, and her problem was this: she had a huge tumor in her stomach, and she was always in pain and discomfort. She asked my father to pray for her.

So he did. My father prayed for her healing, and like with any other disease, he rebuked the devil in the name of Jesus.

He told them to go home in faith and to never again worry about the tumor, because it has been healed.

She confessed that the pain was gone.

But something that has never happened before happened with her case: she came back two days later, VERY frightened and upset. We asked her what happened.

Apparently, right after the prayer, she went straight to the hospital to do a scanning, to see if the tumor was still there, and to her surprise, they found that it had completely disappeared!!

Well instead of rejoicing in the Lord’s power to heal, she immediately demanded them to find the tumor!! Yes, she actually wanted to know if the tumor had “moved” to some other part of her body!!

Of course, they were not able to find any tumor anywhere in her body. God had healed her completely!

We advised her to never again doubt the power of God, and to live a life of true faith.

And so this is the very strange story of a woman who was scared to see her tumor disappear. My friends, don’t be of little faith. Rejoice in the fact that our Lord lives to this day and is capable of performing miracles!!!!



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