There are no Dead-Ends

Life wouldn’t be life unless there was grief, sorrow and regret. Frustrations and hopeless times are unavoidable elements of human life. But there are times that may seem too tough to overcome.

Over the past few days, I learned one thing for sure: There are no dead-ends! I learned that God has the power to change even the most desperate situation into something different. Even when you feel convinced that everything in your life is over, that there is no “forward” to live toward, even when you are in a hole so deep that nothing seems capable of getting you out, you have to have hope.

It may sound stupid when someone says “have hope” when you know your life is going into a spiral of horrible things. But that stupid person who said “have hope” said so because of a reason – they’ve been in similar situations where all hope was lost, and they’ve come through it with the power of faith.

I remember a time in my life where we lost our home, all our belongings, and were almost out of savings and none of us were able to get a job. We were 99% sure we were going homeless. I remember a time when my father saw the face of death during a major heart attack that doctors said he would never survive from. There was a time when I was a baby in my mother’s womb that doctors said I wasn’t worthy of living, and therefore had to be aborted. God worked miracles in all of these cases – to the point that there was no other explanation for how we escaped impending doom.

There have been times when my heart has been so burdened and torn apart by things that happen. Yet we survived those times. A simple prayer to God with the right faith – knowing that He has the ultimate power and control over every situation – proves fruitful even today!

My heart is overjoyed to be reassured that God still hears my prayers. He isn’t far away from us after all. When you went to sleep crying and thinking no one knew what you were going through, He was right there watching over you, holding you close.

Therefore, my dear readers, I want to tell you, if you are going through an impossible situation: DO NOT LOSE HOPE.

Hope is sometimes the only thing we have, and to be honest, that is the only thing we need. God answers the prayer of a desperate heart. He hears the cries of an aching person and He answers them.

He answers because He LOVES you, even when you don’t love Him back. He does not want to see you suffer. So please, have hope. It’s not over yet! You have a purpose no matter what this world tells you. Keep moving forward!!!!!



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