The Truth

Foolishness to blinder eyes,
Ridicule to empty minds
Solitary stand the souls
Holding in their arms the stones

Engraved upon them, mysteries
And truths revealed as vast as seas
Truth, rewording history:
The drops of blood in sunlight shone

Upon the temple of a head
Whose strands of blood-soaked hair instead
Were once a resting place for jewels.
This, the tale of one Man, lone,

Who fought a battle not His own
To death, where death was brought beyond
To sweet defeat in three days’ time!
And in this lies the truth unknown

The truth is but of sacrifice,
The truth itself was crucified,
And in the sinless crimson stains
Was man, his destiny, defined.

                  -Stenila Simon ♥

Just some thoughts and words that came to me at 12:00 am while in the middle of doing homework! Sometimes you  just need to stop everything and write. God bless you all.


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