The Sleeping Bride

Imagine this: the wedding is in 24 hours. While all the invited guests are enthusiastic about the ceremony, the two people that should be MOST excited and prepared are the bride and the groom. The groom told the bride he was going away for a while to prepare himself and prepare a nice home for the two of them to build their future. This groom has been working tirelessly to prepare. The day of the ceremony is here, and when the groom seeks the bride, he finds her lazily asleep, all in shabby clothes, not the least bit prepared.

Now tell me; if the bride truly loved her groom, would she not put in the time and effort to prepare herself for the ceremony?

Would she not leave behind her shabby, dirty clothes and put on a new, pure white dress in respect of the ceremony?

Would she not tidy and cleanse herself a very long time before this ceremony?

In order to do all this, she would have to wake up quite early. Any bride that has been waiting all their life for this beautiful day would leave behind their laziness and wake up early enough to prepare.

The groom has been working tirelessly, my friends. He went away to prepare a place for us. Bride of Christ, if you love Him so much, then WHY are you asleep at this hour?????

Do you not see that the time is near? Have you not heard or seen the warning signs?

How many more trumpets must He sound, how many more prophets must He send, how many more signs must He show, before you will open your lazy eyes?

The time to sleep is long gone. This is the critical hour. His return is IMMINENT, and one of the most important people for this ceremony, the Church, is not prepared. WAKE UP, CAST AWAY YOUR DIRTY GARMENTS OF OLD AND ADORN YOURSELF IN WHITE TO PREPARE TO MEET HIM!!!!

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