Irresponsible Christians

Today I’m writing this out of being fed up with self-proclaimed Christian people who don’t seem to care about Christ whatsoever. Why is it that the normal things in your life have so much more importance than God? I’m tired of watching people take the things of God with no seriousness. If a Christian truly believed that Jesus Christ is alive and watching then I believe they would do the work for His kingdom and anything related to it on time, in perfection and with as much attention to detail as possible. But sadly that’s not the case. Church, gospel activities and such are never developed to their fullest potential due to the lackadaisical way in which people treat them.

My grandfather taught my father, and in turn he teaches me everyday, that anything that has to do with God must always have priority in life. When you show lack of enthusiasm for something like that and allow things to fall apart, you are showing a lack of respect for God. Why has Christianity come to this? What happened to the spirit of discipleship where you are compelled to give up everything, every comfort for the sake of the gospel – even your very life!? That kind of enthusiasm has died down in the Christian community in a lot of places. There are still Christians out there who suffer persecution for the sake of Christ and I admire, love and pray for them.

Let’s stop being lazy everyone. Stop taking simple things like going to church or taking the gospel to people for granted and let’s rise up to do these things like our lives depend on it.


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