The Truth

I see your eyes scan every inch of sky above
I see you wonder in your heart about my love.
Some days you whisper, “Where?”
Some days you wonder, “Why?”
The truth, my dear, is I have never left your side.

   I hear a voice sometimes within my very heart
It tells me, Lord, that you and I should never part
But some days I rebel
And some days I repent
The truth is, without You, my Lord, my heart is rent!

I see the tears stream every time you kneel to pray,
I see you aching never knowing what to say,
And even in the dark,
And even in the pain,
The truth, my dear, is that my love for you remains.

I hear Your reassuring words forever ring
Within my soul, that only lives to seek its King.
So let me ever run,
Into my Father’s hands!
The truth is, in the end, Your Word alone will stand!

I see you stop and turn around in your lone road,
I see it in your heart, the hope of your abode!
Keep running back my child,
My armies stand your guard,
My wounded hands await thus holding your reward!

-Stenila Simon

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