Breastplate of Righteousness

Dear readers, warm greetings today! I apologize for not being able to post last week, for I was preoccupied with some matters. I deeply regret it. But we shall continue with the subject of armor-of-godlast time’s discussion, which was the Armor of God.

First we saw how the belt of truth is a very essential component of the soldier’s armor. Now let us move on to the next parts of the Armor of God:

Our righteousness is our breastplate. Soldiers protect their chest and thus their heart – a very vital organ regarding keeping alive – using this breastplate. Without it, what would become of a soldier? Have you ever thought of it? The enemy’s arrows would be able to plunge into their chests, and any enemy soldier would be able to easily kill them with a sword. So how does our righteousness save us?

We must practice righteousness in our lives. Being righteous means being just, fair, moral, holding up ethical values, being virtuous.. literally it means doing what is right. Only breastplatethen will we be able to repel all of the enemy’s arrows and swords aimed at destroying us.

In another way of thought, when we are righteous in our lives and keep ourselves that way, which pleases God, then God will protect us from all evil and no harm will be able to come our way. As we read in Psalms, Chapter 34 verse 19:

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”

So being righteous in our ways will keep us out of harm’s way. That, my friend, is how  our righteousness becomes our protective breastplate.

For now I must stop, but we shall meet again tomorrow. Till then, God bless you.

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