Purify your hearts

Hi again dear readers. I’m glad to write for God again!

I don’t know why, but for some reason I decided that the title for my post today should be “Purify your hearts”. I never thought of what I’ll write as my content, but it seems that my fingers know just what to do.

A key component of a good prayer is a pure heart. When you sit down to pray, your hearts must be pure, and by pure I mean in all ways pure. Only a pure heart can connect with God.

That means that before sitting down to pray, you must check yourself thoroughly in the inside to get a clear picture of just what is exactly going on in there. Do you have jealousy towards anyone at all for any reason? Have you ever hurt someone on purpose and justified yourself in heart?

Have you ever been disloyal to someone, or taken advantage of someone’s trust in you? Have you ever been boastful of yourself and looked down upon others?

Have you ever felt ashamed to claim you’re a child of God in front of others? Have you ever betrayed Jesus by words like Peter did?

Have you ever thought of paying someone back for his bad deeds towards you? Is that thought of revenge still on standby in you heart, awaiting for a chance? Have you ever thought less of God? Have you ever thought less of Christ? Have you ever thought less of prayer? Have you ever joked of God? Have you ever thought “why do I need to pray? It’s so silly and tiring..”?

Have you ever purposely lied to God or to you close friends or family? Have you ever looked away from a person seeking help? Have you ever even considered sinning? Have you ever let sinful thoughts enter your mind at all?

Have you really lived a righteous life? Have you really not hurt anyone nor done anything wrong in life?

Consider it.

Cleanse your heart of all of these that you find down there by admitting to each of these to Christ. Open up your heart and say, “Jesus, look at me.. this is what I’ve done, and I never realized it.. please cleanse me and forgive me so I may pray in peace”

It doesn’t matter if you’re born again or baptized or no matter how much a child of God you are, you still have to make sure you’re on the right path by soul-searching, and thus

Let’s follow the model of our dear Lord and pray with an open heart, admitting your fears and doubts.. seeking solace in our Lord.. seeking the will of our Father..

realizing your own wrong-doings and repenting for them again.

Me, my mother and father do this when we sit down to pray.
I’m not ashamed to admit to God that I’ve been sometimes jealous or heartless to people. A heart that’s ready to admit it’s wrong-doings is what God loves most.

Remember this: No one’s perfect.

You and me.. we need to cleanse and purify our hearts, before we sit down to pray.

I’d like to know if you were able to try doing this yourself, so please comment.. May the peace of Christ be with you!


Yahweh the Fire of Justice

Hello again dear readers! As I said in my earlier post, in this post, I shall describe how God can be related to fire using some significant Bible quotes.

1. God appears to Moses

He appeared to him in flames

This is perhaps the most powerful appearance of God before man.

And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.”
It is remarkable how God appeared in a flame, out of a bush, and yet the bush never was consumed! God’s fire sustains life, like I said earlier.. God is the fire of Justice.. His children all carry the flames of love, righteousness and justice in their hearts…
There was a man named Ron Wyatt who dedicated his life solely to making remarkable discoveries that reassure the truth behind the stories in the Bible. One such discovery of his was that of the actual Mount Sinai, the very mountain upon which God appeared to Moses in flames. Here’s an actual picture of it:

The top of Mount Sinai, actually situated in Arabia, appears to be BURNT.

Did you notice how the top of the mountain stands out from the others in a dark complexion? The top of this mountain is actually BURNT. Yes, my friends, burnt! This is because this is the very mountain upon which God, as I said earlier, appeared to Moses in flames, and those flames were fierce enough to burn a whole mountain!

Those were the flames of God. Heavenly Flames!The strength of God’s flames are so powerful that they could burn through the hardest rocks and completely turn a whole mountain to ashes!

Ron Wyatt, a true man of God, made discoveries that could silence all arguments against the Bible.whole mountain to ashes..

Ron Wyatt was a great man of God who made many significant and indisputable discoveries that were unquestionable evidence enough and of such great importance that no one in the world can find the strength to argue against the Bible after seeing his videos and documentaries. Here’s a link to his website:  http://www.arkdiscovery.com/

Stay tuned for my next post where I post more quotes from the Bible about God’s heavenly fire. Today’s post really needed the mentioning of this discovery, which can reassure the faith of many of you out there!

In the meantime, God bless you all! 🙂 Peace be with you!

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Fire and Ice

Hello again dear readers! I hope you have all been doing fine these past days! I have too.

I’m very pleased with the results of the poll I opened a few days ago, about what comes to your mind first when you hear the name “Jesus Christ” and surprisingly, all of you think of how He gave up His life for us. That’s very good indeed! I will soon open a new poll even more interesting, and I hope you can all participate open-mindedly!

Today, as I sat in thought, I somehow came across the idea of God and the devil opposing each other just as fire and ice. The presence of the both are so opposite to each other, that there is no in-between  situation for someone to be in. Either they whole-heartedly believe in God and follow Him, or otherwise they go with the devil’s plans.

There is no doubt that God is fire. Fire is something that burns brilliantly and spreads light and heat to it’s surroundings, just like God. He provides light and warmth. True, fire burns things. But it only burns the dry and dead plants and leaves. Most of the time fire doesn’t

Fire cleanses the surrounding, and provides light and warmth.

consume the living green plants. This burning of dead things cleanses the area of it ( the heavenly fire of purity that cleanses all evil ) and produces ash after deleting the impure, so that the living can use this ash as nourishment for their growth.
Fire does not beckon every person going by to come and be part of it. Those who see the light, and wish to know more and only those who wish to be part of it (I mean spiritually, to be part of the light of heavenly wisdom, not someone foolish enough to actually jump into the fire) go towards it.


No doubt about it, the devil is the ice. The ice is frozen. Some people talk of other people as “cold-hearted”- you see what I mean? Ice is, like I said, frozen. It has no life, and cannot

Ice tends to lure you in with a little refreshing chill, and then to freeze you.

sustain life. It does not give warmth or any type of comfort to anyone. It does nothing to the dead and impure things, but it has the power to hurt and freeze living things. It makes people want to get closer by giving off a little chill at the first sight.. a cooling and relaxing chill. But once someone is completely surrounded by ice, then they cannot escape. (not unless fire (the light of wisdom) can penetrate and melt the ice (evil) and free the person.

Thus ice tends to completely freeze the living, while the fire tends to provide support for the living as I mentioned before. When I mentioned life, I meant that the “living” are God’s children. The “dead and dry” (as in leaves, chopped off birches, etc.) are the children of saitan.

Furthermore, there are many instances where God has been related with fire, told of in the Bible itself. Stay tuned for the next post where I will provide you with direct Bible quotes about this. Meanwhile, enjoy participating in the few polls I’ve opened today!

Have a great day and God bless you!


Dwelling under the wings of God…

Psalms Chapter 91 verse 4: ” He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

I still remember the very day my father taught us of the importance of this verse in our lives.

Hello again, dear readers. As some of you may have read in the previous post to this one, ( “The Man Who gave up a Life-Saving Opportunity”) You may have noticed where I mentioned that if you stray from His path, God will take away the shield of protection from you and you will become vulnerable to the devil’s attacks. Actually, what is the shield of protection?

To explain this, I can think of no better role-model than the hen itself.

The mother hen keeps all of it’s beautiful chicks under it’s wings to protect them from the dangers lurking outside, like predators, or bad weather, etc. But just think of what may

Just look at those adorable chicks under the wings of their mother, safe and sound.. and to think that’s you and me..

happen when one of them, just out of curiosity, peeps out to see what’s going on, when in fact the mother is trying to hide it from a snake?

The chick would indeed see the snake, and it would definitely frighten it and try to get hold of it before it dives back into the sea of feathers.

Okay, now what if the chick is just dying of curiosity to get out and be free for some time.. what are the chances of the snake getting him now, hmmm?

Well my friends, no surprise, that is you and me.. yes, you and I are similar to those chicks.

A chick that comes to the mother instantly at her call and stays under the shadow of her wings will never be caught or hurt by anything. Yet a chick that disobeys it’s mother’s commands and gets out of the protection provided by her wings is a million times more vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.. I hope you can see now that the chicks are us and the mother hen is the almighty God, and that the predator is the devil.

Let me go back to the quote: “He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust..”

His feathers mark the boundaries of our freedom.. no, His feathers mark the boundaries over which no devil can touch us.. His feathers mark the boundaries that save us and keep us safe in this evil world.

Keep within those boundaries. To do that, be obedient of God’s commands. Try to grow to the fullest means of being a true Christian.. Control your temptation to be part of the sinful world… be aware that it is the devil himself tempting you, not your silly “wings of freedom trying to take flight” or anything like that..

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean you must give up your dreams.. it means you must not let yourself be tempted into even slightly bending God’s laws for your own pleasure.. because the snake is out there.. waiting for a chance..

YOU are the one that should deny him that chance..

God bless you!

The Man who gave up a Life-Saving Opportunity

Hi there again, dear readers! I’m glad that you are able to find time to read my posts as well as I enjoy sharing these experiences and views with you!

Today I want to tell you about a man whom we met in India. He was our neighbor..about 34 years old. He had a job in Northern India (We were at the southernmost tip) and his wife and son were with him there. He came back to south India for treatment, as he had a tumor in his brain! It was growing constantly and gave him a lot of pain everyday! He was on the verge of death..

He came in seeking prayer. Well, my father prayed for him one night. He repented with all his heart and shed tears enough to flood the whole house! He was so speechless from guilt on one side and the power of the peace of Christ penetrating him on the other. After that my father prayed for him and rebuked the devil that had taken hold of his brain and life in the Holy name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

After that, he was a changed man. He was much more active and lively! He told us of how

He was more active than ever!

he used to think every month (he had to have MRI scannings every month, and it cost him a lot of money) when he withdraws money from the bank, “Why am I doing this? What’s the use if I’m dying? It seems silly to use up so much money just to find out how much more it’s grown in me…”

But now the case was different… he no longer had pain, and his head felt light.. Again, he was a changed man!

But as he had already scheduled a scanning and paid for it before coming to us, he went for his final scanning.. and the results surprised he himself as well as the doctors! There was NO TUMOR! It had completely disappeared!

We had scheduled his baptism and were waiting for his wife and son to get vacation so they too could come and be baptized. But to our dismay, a few weeks later, he fell into the depths of sin. The devil had tempted this weakling too much.. he plunged into the darkness of sin  again so much he couldn’t even think of God anymore.

And now, he is on his death bed.. His wife and child who had come excited about being

But now he’s on his deathbed….

baptized, came to a man on the verge of death again as punishment for his sin. The devil gave him cancer in his throat. This event took place just a few months ago, and he still is in his deathbed, awaiting death’s call at any time.

My friends, don’t be like this person.. do not take the miracles of God for granted.. don’t take advantage of the miraculous healing and deliverance God gives you in your life to sin with the new health He gifts you with. If you take advantage of the chance God gives you in life, then  God will take away the shield of protection He had spread over you, and you will become even more vulnerable to the devil’s attacks..

Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll look deeper into this “Shield of Protection”

Until then, God bless you and keep faith!

Prayers Every Week.. Joy in Every Moment…

Hi there again dear readers!

I was reminiscing the times when we had Saturday prayers at our home.. That was in India though..

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog since the start must remember the post where I explained about my father’s heart attack and how God miraculously healed him. If you haven’t, you  can read it by going to the archives and looking for the post titled “the big attack”

Well, since that day, we started praying and since there were so many people coming in seeking deliverance, we thought it would be best to hold a prayer every Saturday just for them. And we did. And those times were the most blessed in our life.

Every Saturday there were new people with different diseases and some that were possessed by the devil. For extreme cases of casting out the devil, we’d fast together for days. Some devils on the other hand would be cast out immediately.

And once a month, we’d hold a gospel meeting. Each time it was a different place. I was by God’s grace given the opportunity to sing at all of these meetings. Each meeting was targeted at the people of that area to bring them closer to God.
After my father’s preaching, he would call all those needing healing and deliverance to come out from the audience and he’d pray for them.. And at that time we would sing soft music together..

Ah, yes, those were the best times of my life. I just felt like sharing with my readers the joy of doing Gospel work.

By the way, the poll I just closed a few days ago about the end of the world gave good results- 3 out of 4 believe he world will end whenever God decides!

I’d like to share a beautiful pic I found on the internet!

I’m opening a new one with that, and I hope everyone participates in it actively! Don’t hesitate to vote for the choice you think is best- anyways no one’s going to know who voted for what!

God bless u and have a nice day!

The Pain in My Heart


The Pain in My Heart

The pain in my heart is the same as the pain

Of a father whose son will look not at his face.

The fact that my sufferings all were in vain

Is a thousand times more than the pain I then faced.


What, for the love of His son will a father do

More than to lay himself at your feet, dead?

Is there a love of more kindness today than

The love that forgave all His murderous fiends?


Why, my dear son, will your eyes open not?

When did thy heart ever alter to stone?

When did my soul filled with love for thy sake

In a thousand years ever leave you in lone?


Answer me, son, let my ears hear your lies,

Face me, my dear, with your pile of deceit,

Puncture my heart yet again, if you wish,

With the sword of a hatred I long to delete.


The piercing of nails and the beating of whips,

Shall never come close to the pain I now feel

The pain in my heart is much more than the pain

Of a father whose son has forgotten of him.

This is a poem that I wrote a few weeks ago. Our dear Lord Christ is aching in His heart. We think that He suffered enough on the cross and is now living happily in heaven when the fact is He is crying in pain of the rejection of His children.

He died  for us. And yet millions of people are out there that think of Him as a myth or story that never happened. He suffered the beatings of a thousand whips with thorns attached which tore His flesh apart. He, the King of Kings, suffered humiliation and was spat at and

He DIED for us. And do we ever think of His great love?

ridiculed by gentiles.

His hands that have healed thousands and feet that many have held themselves not even deserving to touch, for He is the Holy Son of God, were pierced with huge iron nails and He was thus hanged on the cross to die amidst thieves.

I can’t start to think how selfish and ungrateful we are. When Jesus is thinking of each one of us every second and talking to the Father for us, is there ever a day in our lives when we spend every second of the day thinking of how much Jesus loves us?

I know there isn’t. I myself have sometimes forgotten of Him, but later I come to Him and repent. I cry out my wrong doings before Him, and that is what gives me peace of mind- His forgiveness. Even His own disciple Peter betrayed Him three times, but he cried in repentance afterwards, and Jesus made him a great apostle for all time.

*Please do not use this poem without my permission. Thanx! 🙂



Who I am and What I do- A story of Pure Faith

Greetings once again, dear readers!

Today I’d like to share with you all the story of when I was born. It’s a miracle that I’m alive today to write in this blog as I am.

The story takes place in a little house where my mother was pregnant with me. She and my father used to go to the doctor regularly for check-ups. But one day, when the doctor did the ultra-sound scanning, he found out a startling fact. I hadn’t grown a backbone yet! This meant that if I were born, I would have to be wheel-chaired.

And what’s more, he found that my brain was not developing like it was supposed to for babies my age. Upon more evaluation, it was also determined that I had this disease where after I was born, I would not grow tall, but rather remain as short as a two-year-old and age early and die!

They advised that it would be best to get rid of this child, because giving birth to it would only bring more heartbreak and tears to everyone.
Needless to say, my mother and father were heart-broken to hear this. They had had such high hopes for their first baby, and for it to turn out like it did, well it was just devastating, as you can imagine, for any parent.

The moment they came home, my father knelt down on the cold carpet of the little rental house they were occupying. A snowy winter was slowly starting to chill the town. My father is an evangelist, and he’s prayed for and healed hundreds of people before in his life. He was somehow determined not to give up hope in me.

He knelt down on the carpet and asked my mom to do so too. He placed his hand on my mother’s belly, and prayed with all his might to God to heal me. He prayed that I may be born just as healthy a baby as anyone else, and then he rebuked the devil that had taken hold of my life.

After that, the two of them, with  ultimate faith in Christ, went for the next checkup with the doctor. The doctor did the scanning again, and the results were, to everyone’s surprise, miraculous! Through scanning, he found that out of nowhere, a healthy and growing backbone had appeared in me! And a developing brain had also appeared in my head out of nowhere!

It was such a miracle, that the doctor himself couldn’t believe it! My parents were filled to the depths of their hearts with joy and a newly profound faith in the power of God.

And thus, on a cold and snowy 28th of December of the year 1995, I was born a healthy and crying baby to my mother!

Let me say with utmost pleasure that to the contrary of the doctor’s predictions, I have now grown to be a very healthy person; I have been able to get straight A’s in all my classes with the newly furnished brain that my God blessed me with, and I now stand to be 5 foot 7 inches tall!

This is why I can never think of anything else that could hold a better place or priority in my life that God. My dear Lord Christ has been with me every step of the way from the day I was born, and I owe my whole existence to Him. Even if this whole event hadn’t taken

My Dear Lord

place during my birth, even if I had been from the start a healthy baby to begin with, I am pretty sure I would still have been as faithful and thankful to God. I love my dear Lord so much and I feel it is my duty to share my experiences to the world in order to let the world know the truth.

I want to open the eyes of as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a few, but that few people realizing the truth and turning to God would give me the happiness to last me a lifetime!

What I want to say is, if God can do such great miracles for me in my life, then He can surely do it for you too, if you choose to believe. It’s my parents’ strong faith that paved the way to God saving my life.

As the title of my blog is, “Pure Faith” is the only thing you need for God to work in you lives!

For prayer , do contact my father Evg. Joy Simon via e-mail: joysimonapb@yahoo.com

Until the next time, may the peace of God be with you!

We Are in Dire Need of a FAST CHANGE

Yes, we are in need of a fast change. IMMEDIATELY.

Do you know why? Because as I said in my earlier posts, this earth does not have much more time left. There is going to be a major universal change in the flow of time and The Rapture will soon be upon us.

The main thing is, we can never predict when the rapture may occur. It will occur as said

We can never know when the rapture occurs.

in the Bible, like the coming of a thief. We will never get warnings or prophecies as to the exact date, and therefore it is best for ourselves if we prepare ourselves to go to heaven.

The fast change I meant is a change in heart. If you’ve ever sinned, now is the time to repent and ask God for forgivance. Not tomorrow, not after discussing it with your parents,NOW is the time.

We can never know when the rapture will occur. It could occur right now as I’m writing this blog, it could occur tomorrow right after you’ve read this blog, or it could maybe happen a few years later. It is this unpredictable character of the rapture that urges me to tell you the need to repent.

Change your ways to suit the will of God. Walk under His shadow, not the shadow of money. Walk down the path to salvation, not down the path to fame and glory. Use your talents for the spreading of gospel, not for your personal profit.

Repent. Be born again. Be baptized. Claim your share of the pleasures of heaven.

I hope you will rethink your pasts and pray with an open heart before God.

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Or contact my father Evg. Joy Simon  directly by his e-mail if you need guidance or prayer for any situation you’re facing :