Purify your hearts

Hi again dear readers. I’m glad to write for God again!

I don’t know why, but for some reason I decided that the title for my post today should be “Purify your hearts”. I never thought of what I’ll write as my content, but it seems that my fingers know just what to do.

A key component of a good prayer is a pure heart. When you sit down to pray, your hearts must be pure, and by pure I mean in all ways pure. Only a pure heart can connect with God.

That means that before sitting down to pray, you must check yourself thoroughly in the inside to get a clear picture of just what is exactly going on in there. Do you have jealousy towards anyone at all for any reason? Have you ever hurt someone on purpose and justified yourself in heart?

Have you ever been disloyal to someone, or taken advantage of someone’s trust in you? Have you ever been boastful of yourself and looked down upon others?

Have you ever felt ashamed to claim you’re a child of God in front of others? Have you ever betrayed Jesus by words like Peter did?

Have you ever thought of paying someone back for his bad deeds towards you? Is that thought of revenge still on standby in you heart, awaiting for a chance? Have you ever thought less of God? Have you ever thought less of Christ? Have you ever thought less of prayer? Have you ever joked of God? Have you ever thought “why do I need to pray? It’s so silly and tiring..”?

Have you ever purposely lied to God or to you close friends or family? Have you ever looked away from a person seeking help? Have you ever even considered sinning? Have you ever let sinful thoughts enter your mind at all?

Have you really lived a righteous life? Have you really not hurt anyone nor done anything wrong in life?

Consider it.

Cleanse your heart of all of these that you find down there by admitting to each of these to Christ. Open up your heart and say, “Jesus, look at me.. this is what I’ve done, and I never realized it.. please cleanse me and forgive me so I may pray in peace”

It doesn’t matter if you’re born again or baptized or no matter how much a child of God you are, you still have to make sure you’re on the right path by soul-searching, and thus

Let’s follow the model of our dear Lord and pray with an open heart, admitting your fears and doubts.. seeking solace in our Lord.. seeking the will of our Father..

realizing your own wrong-doings and repenting for them again.

Me, my mother and father do this when we sit down to pray.
I’m not ashamed to admit to God that I’ve been sometimes jealous or heartless to people. A heart that’s ready to admit it’s wrong-doings is what God loves most.

Remember this: No one’s perfect.

You and me.. we need to cleanse and purify our hearts, before we sit down to pray.

I’d like to know if you were able to try doing this yourself, so please comment.. May the peace of Christ be with you!


Prayers Every Week.. Joy in Every Moment…

Hi there again dear readers!

I was reminiscing the times when we had Saturday prayers at our home.. That was in India though..

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog since the start must remember the post where I explained about my father’s heart attack and how God miraculously healed him. If you haven’t, you  can read it by going to the archives and looking for the post titled “the big attack”

Well, since that day, we started praying and since there were so many people coming in seeking deliverance, we thought it would be best to hold a prayer every Saturday just for them. And we did. And those times were the most blessed in our life.

Every Saturday there were new people with different diseases and some that were possessed by the devil. For extreme cases of casting out the devil, we’d fast together for days. Some devils on the other hand would be cast out immediately.

And once a month, we’d hold a gospel meeting. Each time it was a different place. I was by God’s grace given the opportunity to sing at all of these meetings. Each meeting was targeted at the people of that area to bring them closer to God.
After my father’s preaching, he would call all those needing healing and deliverance to come out from the audience and he’d pray for them.. And at that time we would sing soft music together..

Ah, yes, those were the best times of my life. I just felt like sharing with my readers the joy of doing Gospel work.

By the way, the poll I just closed a few days ago about the end of the world gave good results- 3 out of 4 believe he world will end whenever God decides!

I’d like to share a beautiful pic I found on the internet!

I’m opening a new one with that, and I hope everyone participates in it actively! Don’t hesitate to vote for the choice you think is best- anyways no one’s going to know who voted for what!

God bless u and have a nice day!