The Lost Drunkard

Hi there again dear readers! Now, let me continue with the story of the drunkard I was talking about last time.

As I was saying, this man kept repeating the process of repenting, making an oath to get baptized, and drinking again the very next day.

I kept going through the same emotional cycle of getting my hopes high up in the skies and getting myself ready to be baptized (I’d made a decision to get baptized the very same day that he would), and then sinking down to the depths of despair when I find that he’s back to drinking..

We were all tired of this exhausting process.. Believe me, it continued on for  several years, until finally, dad couldn’t take it anymore. We felt that he was playing around with God.

One day, dad had a private conversation with him. This was after one of his major fails. You see, we gave him a sort of “last chance” for repent, hoping he wouldn’t fail again. We had decided to baptize him, finally, on a week around Christmas a few years back. We told everyone we knew to come take part in the ceremony.. everyone! It was known to all our friends that this man would be baptized around Christmas time..

I asked my mom if I could also be baptized, and she said it all depended on my decision. I was of course happy and ready, ’cause I’d been waiting for this moment all my life! But my father sat in thought while I presented this idea to him. Finally, he said I could, and I was hopping around with joy! It felt like it was almost too good to be true.. and it was….

He carried up his old habits again, just as we had in the depths of our hearts feared. After this incident, my father had a private talk with him. He said that if he ever repeated this again, he would never be given another chance in life again. My father said that his days were numbered and he had only a little time to make a decision. My father also said that if he were to ever drink again, this would be the last time he’d ever see his (my father’s) face.

He promised not to drink ever again and all and fell to the floor crying. After that, we had hope that he’d be at least a little afraid of God and would stop drinking. But one day not long after dad had this conversation with him, when we were traveling by car to meet someone else at this city in India (it’s the city where this man’s house is), my mother shouted out to the driver to stop, and we were all startled. My mom said “It’s him!”

Those were the most heart-breaking words I ever heard, as I looked and saw him sitting there on the side of the street, swaying back and forth in pain as the great quantities of alcohol he had last night burned his stomach and intestines. He looked like a beggar.

We looked at dad. “Let’s go. I said he would never see me again if he drank… Take a good look, ’cause he may not be spared by God.”, he said, and we did, and then drove off to a nearby hotel, where we always stopped to refresh ourselves. I was furious! I had this huge war waging in my heart between feelings of sympathy towards a repeat sinner, then feelings of anger and hate towards the man for taking God’s words so lightly and sinning with no fear for Him, and then feelings of anguish as I remembered dad’s words “He may not be spared by God”.

We talked a lot, each of us spilling out our varying emotions. It’s sad to say, that not long after, maybe about a few days after this incident, a friend of ours who knew him called to tell us that he died. A speeding car at night hit him.

Hey, when I’m telling these stories, don’t be frightened my friends. Don’t misunderstand my words as if I’m trying to tell everyone how frightening or heartless God is. There’s just some times when God is so annoyed by someone, that he must do something in order to make it known to people that they MUST obey God’s words and stick to their promises.

You see, these two men I’ve mentioned these days, well, they experienced the touch of God in their lives and were forgiven and saved. They were made children of God. God healed them and forgave them and gave them the opportunity to live a beautiful life of purity and health and peace. They were given the opportunity to live a life full of hope. And yet they took it for granted and went their ways. Not God’s way. They chose to follow sin rather than the Almighty God, even though they knew the consequences. How could they disobey God to such proportions?

God is a God of forgivance and peace, and love. But when someone makes a fool out of Him and his servants… you know what I mean.

Remember the married couple Ananias and Sapphira,  told of in the new Testament, who lied to the Holy Spirit about how much they had to offer, and they died then and there. Do not lie to the Holy Spirit. Do not do things thinking God can’t see you. God knows EVERYTHING. There’s nothing you can hide from Him.

God is not someone you can just play around with…He is of utmost purity, power and divinity… please make sure that you understand this.

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