The Woman in the Darkness

Hello and my warmest greetings to all of my dear readers out there! I am delighted to be writing to you today, as I have been wanting to share with you this experience I had for such a long time! I am so sorry that I have not been able to keep up with the usual schedule of posting articles. I apologize for the delay..

Now, if you don’t already know, after my father’s heart attack, we started praying constantly for God to use us for His purpose as much as possible. Dear Lord, that was the most blessed time in my entire life! We were in constant connection with God, and there were so many people streaming in for prayer, that we had to conduct a special Saturday Prayer for all those needing deliverance.

Those Saturday prayers were like the cherries on top of a cake for me.. I cherished helping around and being able to witness so many wonderful miracles happening right in our living room!

On one Saturday like so, a woman came from a bit far away. She had a huge, she had several huge problems..

First of all, she was ailing all over her body. She had aches and pains all over her joints and muscles, and she was so unwell that she couldn’t even sit down with us for prayer! Her knees especially, were in great pain. Also, she had this strange disease: she had a horribly low platelet count in her blood which made her blood so thin..

We heard her sad story of suffering and offered to pray for her. As with all other people coming to him, my father told everyone to close their eyes. He placed his hand on the woman’s forehead and rebuked the devil in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

There was a moment of silence, and I was confused as to whether I should open my eyes or not. Then I looked up to see the woman lying on the floor, eyes closed.There was not a whole lot of people that Saturday, so we all sat closer to her.

She started moving about, and it was evident that she was possessed by the devil. When the devil reveals himself like this, it’s not a pretty picture. You are able to see that it is in fact the devil that is using her body to move and to speak.. we know for sure it is not the woman’s actions from the way she speaks-the horrid tone and all..

My father, who of course, being a man of God, has control over the devil, asked him to reveal who he was. The devil just laughed.. yea! The devil just laughed there and smiled at my father mockingly. My father rebuked him and then the devil said he can’t bear the “Fire” around him. This is in fact the fire of the Holy Spirit that’s present in our house, as we are in constant connection with God.

He finally said that someone sent him to the woman’s body to kill her. This was in fact witchcraft. Someone had done witchcraft on her to kill her. The devil said “Give me the blood of two chickens they promised me and I’ll go.”

I was very astonished to know that the devil had in fact asked the person doing witchcraft for chicken blood! My father said “Let’s see if you know how to leave without chicken blood” and he and all of us kept on praying while sitting around the woman, who had by this time become exhausted and clearly not herself.

My  father once again rebuked the devil by placing his hand on her head, and then there was a scream let off and the woman’s body lay motionless there on the floor. The very next moment, she jumped up and sat up like nothing had happened, and asked us “What happened? Where am I?”

The devil had left.

We gave her some food and water, and she said her joints didn’t ache at all anymore, and that she could sit down much more comfortably! Interestingly, she never remembered a thing that happened on her way here or during the prayer. This is because during the time the devil revealed himself, it was his presence working through her body, and not at all her own body movements or thoughts or anything..

This woman has never had aching joints again , and nor did the issues in her blood ever bother her again! The devil had left her, taking with him all of his poisons of disease.

This morbid concept of disease is caused by the devil himself. It doesn’t always have to mean that sick people are always possessed. In some cases, people are possessed, and in other cases, people are just being attacked from the outside by the devil.

A good prayer, strong faith and rebuking the devil in our Savior’s name is all that is needed to heal any kind, and I mean ANY KIND of disease! If any of you out there are ailing in any way, no matter how hopeless your case seems, there’s always a chance for you to be delivered. Just place your faith in Christ. If you truly believe, then even the world’s most deadliest diseases will flee away from you, and you will be healthier than ever! You have no need of keeping that evil disease within your body and suffering.. otherwise our Lord Jesus Christ would not have started healing people..

If you need guidance or are not sure about how to believe, then e-mail my father, an evangelist/man of God:

My father is always available to answer your questions and offer prayer- and not just any prayer, but a truly fruitful prayer, after which you will find yourself completely changed, no matter where you are!

Do e-mail me if you have questions or suggestions..:

Don’t hesitate to leave comments if you want to get clarification on something or would like to seek advise or help.. or just e-mail us too!

God bless you all for being here and taking your time to read, and till next time, may the peace of Christ be with you! :)

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