Your Sword, Soldier

Ephesians Chapter 6, verse 17:

17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Greetings dear readers! Last but not least, one of the main components of the armor of God is the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

The word of God is the only real weapon we have as part of the armor. We have the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, and the helmet of salvation – each and every one of these parts are meant to protect us from the enemy. sword_of_the_spirit

But the one weapon that we are given to use against our enemy is the word of God.

Many people tend to wonder how words can be useful in battle. In our spiritual battle, the word of God is our one piercing sword against the enemy. The Word of God is much more powerful than we think, my dear friends.

If we think back to the book of Genesis, we read that when creating the earth, God said “Let there be light : and there was light.” He said “Let the waters under heaven be gathered Two Edged Swordtogether unto one place, and let the dry land appear : and it was so.”

God used His mighty word to command things to come into existence. We read that He used  His words to create every single thing on earth, including animals and plants and birds and fish and insects and trees and grass.. His word gave life to everything.Man is the only being that He didn’t command to come into existence, but He made man Himself.

When you think of it, the Word of God is so unthinkably powerful. Jesus Christ is the manifestation of the word of God that God gave flesh and sent to earth for us.

Having the Word of God as our sword is the best thing that can ever happen to us, because the power of the word is so great that it can defeat any enemy, and has authority over everything.





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Hello and warm greetings to my dear readers! I have started a new group on Facebook titled “Pure Faith” which is an open group that anyone from anywhere can join.

The main purpose of the group is to unite Christians who love God and to enable us to all share our experiences with one another. It is meant to be an open place for discussion, a source of encouragement, and a means to remind more people about the love of God.

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Let us all unite in Christ, and let us try our best to spread the word of God as much as we can.



Love is Patient

Warm greetings to my dearest readers this morning. I apologize for not posting last week.. Today I would like to talk more about love.

One of the main commandments of Jesus Christ, our master, is to love one another. Love your friend like yourself. Love everyone, even your enemies. That is how we can identify the true Children of God in this chaotic world. By our love, we can find one another.

Have you ever thought of how loving our God is? We all talk on and on about how “God is love” and that He loved us so much He died for us, but do you ever seriously stop and think for a second, just how much He loves us?

People around the world still hate Jesus Christ and His followers, and it is really sad to see that Christians are being mocked for our belief and for telling the truth and trying to save people. Let’s face the truth – things are not as pretty as we think. The world still hates us more and more.

And why do they hate us? Because they do not have Christ, the ultimate form of love, in their hearts. God is almighty and powerful. He is the most powerful Being to ever be, and yet why did He let His only begotten Son die on the cross, being ridiculed by His enemies?

Why did He not use His power to save Himself from the cross? Why did He not use His power to stop the hammers of His enemies from nailing Him to the cross? Why?

Because He loved us, and He was dying for us. He endured all that torture silently, when He could have saved Himself at any time.

Being the children of God, we must learn to practice this patient love in our lives. Be patient to everyone. Forgive to your limits and beyond. Love people when they hate you.

Declare victory over hatred by the ever-growing love given to us by our Lord. Our love is what makes us different from the world. Our love is, my friends, what makes us isolated in this world, but our love is the light of this world. Every time we show kindness and love to those around us, we are spreading the comforting light of Christ, and we are defeating the devil’s plans.

So let us forget our hate and sorrows, and forget the wrongs of others, and try to make a change in this world.

Fasten Your Helmet

Greetings, today let’s see how we can fasten our helmets to ensure complete safety.

Now what does a helmet do for you? It protects your head, the main part of your body. It makes sure the head which carries your eyes to see and ears to hear, and brain to think, is safe and well. That is what the helmet of salvation does as well.


Your salvation is when you are saved by Christ, and you turn to Him and become a true Child of God. If you have repented and are born again and you have been baptized then you are saved from your sins, and you are entitled to the joys of heaven, as long as you The_Helmet_of_Salvationstay fast in your promise and separation from sin.

See once you are saved, you have the Helmet of Salvation to protect your head, and you must make sure you always keep it on, because the helmet protects your brain and your eyes as well.

Now why do I emphasize how you need to protect your eyes and brain? Your brain symbolizes your ability to think and act the right way. Once you are saved, you have a Helmet_of_Salvation_2helmet of Salvation to protect your brain so that it can think and act the right way, instead of being vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy that seek to make you confused about what to choose.

Also, your eyes let you see what is real and true, and once your helmet is on, your eyes will always be able to see the good and the right way, and to see the truth, and no enemy will ever be able to destroy your sight of the True God!!