Are you like an infant?

Greetings dearest readers! This is a blessed morning, and welcome back to my blog.

Have you ever seen an infant smile? We all love infants. They are so sweet and beautiful, and so innocent and trusting. They are naive, yet they can seem to be very understanding sometimes. Our Lord loves little kids. He even asks you and me to be like them in many of their ways. And there’s a reason to it.

Matthew 18:3:

“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Jesus said that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, we must become like little children. Now what did He mean when He said this?

Young children have many characteristics that we can learn from. In my opinion, one of the most important of those characteristics is their faith. Yes, children have a greater faith that adults do. If you are a parent, or if you’ve ever taken care of a child, you might know that a child will believe anything and everything you tell them, no matter how strange or impossible.

For example, if you promise a little girl that you will give her the moon, she will believe it with all her heart and look forward to when you bring her that beautiful moon. Little children believe easily, and they do not question a lot when given a promise. They just look forward to the day they receive that promise.

Similarly, we are the children of God. We are His sons and daughters. If a father tells his son that he will bring him a toy car, then wouldn’t the son believe his father completely? Wouldn’t it break the father’s heart if the son kept saying to his father, “Dad, what if you don’t give me that toy car? Will you forget about it? Can I trust you? Please give me the toy car.. please!”? What if your son said that to you after you promised him a toy car? Wouldn’t that give you pain that he doesn’t trust your word?

The same with our Heavenly Father. He is our Father. He expects us, His children, to trust Him and His words and promise. We have to have faith in Him that He will provide for us and take care of us no matter what. It is this faith that truly takes us through our hard times and ultimately takes us all the way to our destination.

Also, little children are very innocent at that early age. Most children do not know of the evils of this world at their young age. They believe that there is nothing but good all around them, and they do not even know about distrust or cheating or jealousy or wickedness. I envy little children for how lucky they are at that age, not having to know about the evil that is running loose in this world. In their eyes, everything is well and happy.

But because of that, their hearts are in a way pure, separated from all things evil and wicked. We must also try to empty our hearts of the wickedness and try not to let evil enter our hearts. For we must change ourselves to be like these little children in order to be able to enter the gates of Heaven, as Jesus said. But there is a deeper meaning to this, I believe. Stay tuned for the next post everyone, and may God bless you!

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The New Commandment

Jesus Christ loved you and me more than anything.. He gave His dear life for us. The life lightoftheworldof the light of this world was put down for us, mere ungrateful vermin that inhabit this earth, and why, you ask? Because He LOVED you and me.

Good morning dear readers, today let us look at the new commandment that Jesus gave us, and which He had exercised all the while He was on this earth.

In John, Chapter 13 verse 34, we read:

34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 

35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

This is the very means by which we can identify the true disciples of Jesus Christ. A true disciple of Jesus would love the people around him without exception. They would love unconditionally, just like Jesus loved you and me.

Think of it: Jesus died on the cross for the salvation of every human on earth, and yet did He place conditions before taking up the cross to climb the mountain to His death? Did He even say a word to the soldiers that kept mocking and torturing Him?

He is the most innocent, purest person to ever have received death penalty for NOT doing any crime whatsoever. He took up OUR punishment, and died in our place. He died for the crime of loving us too much, and yet a huge majority of people on this earth choose to deny that Jesus even existed. How sad is that? I feel ashamed of my fellow humans.

A disciple should walk the same path his master walks, and therefore, before being captured, He gave His new commandment to His disciples: to love one another. He did this before going out to demonstrate His own love.

Now, loving each other has deeper implications than just caring. We as the disciples of Jesus Christ must consider each other far more important than ourselves, and be willing to make sacrifices for the good of our brothers and sisters in Christ. As long as we are the children of God, we are part of the same body of His church, and therefore bonded in a love deeper than what other normal humans can understand.

We love each other in Christ, and are brought together in His name, for the glorification of His name. We are a team, dear friends, in our mission with the same goal. Our love is everlasting, and founded on our Savior, and it can glow and reach out to everyone around us.

But one important and vital factor of loving is forgiving. It is one that we tend to forget all the time, and yet one factor without which love cannot exist. Our Lord Himself forgave us all our hatred and sins and died for our sake. He gave us the opportunity to be saved from our sins by repenting and by simply believing in Christ’s death on the cross for us. Even now, God is constantly forgiving the various wrongs we do in our lives. He must have to forgive so many things we do wrong in order to grant us His pure presence when we pray faithfully.

And now let’s take a look at ourselves: how easily do WE tend to forgive?

Many of you may say that you “forgive and forget” instantly. You may even be a person who always says “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” with no delay. But let me tell you this:

True forgiveness does not even have to contain words. If you truly have forgiven someone of their wrong against you, then you will never bring up the subject, and will love the person as if nothing has changed. More importantly, you will have plucked away your resentment from your heart. You will never even in your dreams remember that wrong they did, and will rather refill your heart with more love for that person. That is forgiveness.

Now ask yourself, just as I ask myself this morning, : How many people have you ACTUALLY forgiven? When you sit by yourself, immersed in thoughts, do the wrong word or action of your brother or sister or friend not come right into your mind? Do you not wonder why they would do such a thing to you?

I know sometimes it is hard to forgive. Sometimes it is even harder to forget although you want to forgive so bad. But all you have to think of is our Lord’s LOVE. Think of how much you love your friend, and how much you should love the people around you in order to at least try JesusWillHelpUsOvercomeand come close to at least one-millionth of the love that your Master taught you.

Now as I read back at my own article, I realize that sometimes I have also forgotten to forgive, and have many times carried resentment in my heart, and repent of it. See, the word of God is a two-edged sword: it punctures both ways.

If I were to talk of love, and the lack of it we see these days, there would be no end to how much you scroll down my blog page to reach the end of it. Just remember one thing though: Jesus loves you no matter what, and He is always there, willing to heal you and comfort you if you believe.

Let us exercise this love and forgiveness that our Master taught us, my friends. Let us show our true identity to the world in the way that our Lord taught us: by love. By loving one another in this cold era where the rest of the world is quick to judge and hate.

God bless you and may the peace of Christ be with you.

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