Ruling on Gay Marriage – Where do we Stand?

As a fiery Christian teenager, I write this with utmost disappointment and concern for our generation regarding the new ruling in favor of homosexual marriages. Now before you deny me by calling me a “bigot” or a person with no “love and acceptance”, let me tell you exactly where I stand on this issue.

Jesus Christ taught us to love every single person on earth, EVEN our enemies, and that is exactly what I practice, as does any true Christian out there. However, loving the individual person does not mean we have to love the sin they are indulged in.

I love (or at least try my best to love) everyone I meet, pray for ever sinner and love them and hope they will turn to God soon. Liars, thieves, even murderers and adulterers deserve a second chance and the grace of God. But does this mean I love the actions they do? A big NO to that. If I love a murderer and want to bring them back to God, that doesn’t mean I tell them what they’re doing is right. I don’t support the fatal actions of them.

Now to the subject of gay marriage, which in itself should never even be called “marriage”. Why should we Christians not support this unholy practice? Let’s go to the Bible; read with me these verses if you will: 

“But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.” (Mark 10:6)

There is a REASON God made man and woman as they were. He created two genders, and claiming to be anything outside of that or going against the will of God when He created marriage between the two is just unholy.


“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22) 


“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13) 

These verses pretty much make it plain and clear that God considers lusting against one’s own gender an abomination and definitely a violation of His original design of desire He placed in mankind.

” Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” (Jude 1:7) 

This is STRANGE FLESH!!!! Now keep in mind I am not hating upon anyone, but simply stating the truth about this issue, as stated in the Holy Bible. If you think homosexuality is a recent thing, well think again. This was a problem all the way from Biblical times.

You may read in Genesis, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The people there were so wicked that they didn’t even want to spare the two heavenly angels who came to the house of Lot to warn his family.

4 But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter:

5 And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

6 And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after him,

7 And said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly.” (Genesis 19:4-7) 

Now anyone who has read the Bible knows clearly what the result of these wicked actions was. God absolutely hates people making a mockery of the sacred, divine relation of marriage that He gifted to us. Marriage is something so beautiful and holy. The best of it is yet to come, when the Bridegroom, the Son of God comes to gather His holy bride, the Church, and sweep her away in the rapture!! ♥

Sodom and Gomorrha was destroyed with fire and brimstone. I hope that pray that doesn’t happen to any other place on earth, but day after day we hear of different societies accepting this as something normal, and it breaks my heart to see the old and traditional values of marriage being destroyed and twisted to the eyes of the coming generations.

Oh, by the way, the fire and brimstone that God rained down from heaven all the way back in those times, has left the place so desolate, that even today, not a single blade of grass grows there. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these modern day pictures of the place!! A Christian archaeologist named Ron Wyatt was led by God to find the areas of Sodom and Gomorrah, and what he found was astounding!!!

Pieces of sulfur were found hidden inside some brimstone :



















And here are pictures of the actual (what was once) cities of Sodom and Gomorrah:

Not a single sign of life anywhere! It was quite an amazingly scary story – no, part of history- of the wrath of God, and one that we can only hope will not happen again.

Like I said, I love everyone of you out there, whether or not you are homosexual, whether or not you support it, whether or not you are a sinner or a saint, because that is what Jesus Christ did – He loved every kind of people. But when people are blindly turning against the living God, it is our duty to try to make you see the truth, and the truth here is that God’s will is for one man and one woman to marry, and anything outside of that is unnatural and unholy. It’s what is written in the Bible, and it is what I support, as will any Bible-believing Christian.

There have been studies conducted on whether or not homosexuality is something you are born with, and they have all proven that it is something of choice. There is no “gene” that makes you inclined like that. If you do, however, feel such temptation, if you are a person who thinks you have no control over something like that, I would like to ask you now to ask God to help you come out of it (of course, only if you want to do so..) Search on Youtube, you will be able to find several testimonies of people who have come out of this with the help of Jesus Christ.

Pastors, advise your churches to hold onto God and His morality. Parents, teach your children the righteous path and help them make the right choices in the middle of all this.

We used to say “the end time is near”. It’s time to scratch that and start saying “The end times ARE here!” Things are changing at a rapid pace. Sin is quickly becoming the accepted norm. Believing in the Bible is becoming “foolishness” and “extremism”.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20) 

Let us unite in prayer and repent from our own sins so that we may find peace in God, and let us look to the skies and be constantly watching for His return!!

Praise the Lord!! Return soon!!



Will YOU take up this challenge?

There are so many things that happen on a day-to-day basis in our lives that have impacts on us. Some bring about positive changes while others have a rather negative impact. Some events give us hope and comfort while other events in our lives make us weep and leave us wondering why this happened to us.

Ever since I can remember, me and my family – we have always been on this constant climb trying to overcome hardships and obstacles in life. Things happen, sometimes one right after  the other, that have the power to make any person feel hopeless. But even in the midst of the worst darkness, I have been taught to be happy.

As you may know, young children are quite naive and their thoughts are pure and straightforward. It was when I was in such a very young, naive age that I came across the story of Job, of how he kept looking to God even though he lost basically EVERYTHING a man can lose – his friends, family, health, wealth, everything! And that story changed my outlook about life.

Now, when bad things happen that scare me to death, my heart is set to go to its default option: “faith”. Sure, when something terrifying happens I get scared and panic at first. But it’s only momentary. There is a sense of peace that overcomes all fear that nothing in the world can offer. It is there with you no matter where you are, no matter what happens to you. 

The biggest challenge is letting go in the face of fear. This means letting go of your thoughts and anxieties about what might happen, but it also means that you have to let go of your own expectations of the future. In our mind, we may have an idea of what the perfect future is like, but that may not always be God’s plan.

True happiness comes about when we learn to accept each and every thing happening in our life as it comes. It’s about letting good things AND bad things happen, with the ultimate faith that in the end, God’s will is what is happening. He knows best. The secret to true happiness is accepting God’s will in your life with all the courage you can muster, and this is also the ultimate test of your faith.

I was inspired to write this post because of a recent incident that quite shook me and my family: a really bad car accident. It completely destroyed our car, but my dad who was involved in it, escaped with minor pains and bruises, thanks to the miraculous power of God. While the doors of the car got jammed, somehow my dad’s door got unlocked even though the hit was right to the side of it. There had been a fire starting inside the car, but it went away on its own. Or, may I say, God intervened.

However minor it may seem to the world, I cannot help but accept that God is working miracles even in the smallest ways in our lives every day. The fact that we live to take a breath every morning is in itself a miracle, in my eyes at least. With this I would like to thank the Lord for His everlasting mercy and also I would like to ask YOU to take up this challenge.

Next time you have to face a situation of fear, of worry, of pain, where you lose or are on the verge of losing everything you have, will YOU step up to the challenge and be happy? Will you let go of your fears?

Will you rejoice in the Lord?

It may be hard, but trust me, it’s worth it.

God bless you all.

With deep love,

Stenila Simon

When is the last time you REALLY prayed ?

Prayer – it’s an act that makes us stand out as different from other people. We are taught to pray to God and we are influenced by our church and our family members and the Christian people around us when it comes to HOW to pray.

And yet, have you ever wondered what prayer is actually all about? As always, we should turn to the scripture to learn the truth.

Today we have people who go to church and pray the same exact words every single day! It gets redundant to the point where the things coming out of our mouths carry no more meaning to our hearts. Some people, who choose to pray in silence tend to be seen as either very shy or just ignorant. It’s time to change our perception about prayer.

So, is prayer just the mere repetition of words in the same formula over and over again?

Let’s go to the Bible:

“But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.” (Matthew 6:7)

So, essentially, NO, prayer is not the repetition of words over and over again. This is, as stated by the holy Word of God, a heathen tradition!! After saying this, Jesus Christ demonstrated the right kind of prayer by praying the most famous “Lord’s prayer”. He meant to teach us what to include in our prayers to God, and He also meant to indirectly teach us that in order to pray for something like forgiveness, we must first have forgiven others who have wronged against us. Otherwise, we have no right to ask for forgiveness (“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”)

So, regardless of what Jesus said about the vain repetitions, sadly, many Christian sects have decided to ignore the above statement and they keep repeating the exact words of prayer said by Jesus Christ, even though He most CLEARLY said “DO NO USE VAIN REPETITIONS!!” It is quite sad.

But we can also learn a lesson from this – it doesn’t matter how long you pray. As long as your prayer is sincere and contains everything you want to say to God, then it’s acceptable for God. It could be short, or if you have time and wish to make a deeper connection with God, you could always prolong your prayer and try to listen for what God has to say to you.

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16)

The above verse kind of explains what goes hand-in-hand with prayer. Prayer is not just about praising and thanking God or asking Him for something. Prayer is about confessing your faults and sins, and only after this happens, can you be healed. Healing (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) is dependent upon your willingness to accept your faults and confess them to God and to humble yourself so that God can act in your life.

Some people today like to pray in public for no good reason. They like to make it known to others that they are being “religious” and praying and praising every single moment of life. There is nothing wrong with having a heart that prays and praises 24/7, but let’s go back to the Bible:

” And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward” (Matthew 6:5)

Jesus Christ says Himself that we must try not to turn into hypocrites. There is no use to God or to yourself if you decide to pray in public just to make others notice you. Prayer is an intimate time between you and God ONLY. Even if you are praying as part of a group, each person is having an intimate and personal conversation with the living God, and if you think about it, it is a time to be seen of as most revered, and we must all learn to respect prayer.

Prayer being the only time to bond with the almighty Lord, we must try to make it as special as possible and not allow our human inclination to make others notice us get in the way of a good communication between us and God.

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” (Matthew 6:6)

Only the truly meek person who really and truly wants to develop a connection with God will pray in secret without the incentive of being noticed or praised by others for their religiousness. Doing this shows your Father in heaven that you only care about bonding with Him and listening to what He has to say, and that you are not after the appreciation and admiration of men.

“Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God:

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” (Colossians 3:22-23)

We Christians must realize that the above verse applies more than ever to US, because we are servants of our loving Master Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must obey all things He says not as “menpleasers” , meaning we must not be seeking the approval and satisfaction of men, but rather that of our heavenly Father. This applies to prayer as well; pray from your heart rather than trying to sound smart and intellectual by pulling out huge words and using them in loud prayer in the middle of a bus-ride.

I hope this post made you think a little bit more deeper about the meaning of prayer, and if you have any questions or if you have any opinions to add to this, please feel free to leave a comment below.

God bless!!

Words cannot express.. NOW is the time!!!

Words cannot express the level of disappointment I sometimes have in myself as a Christian. Sometimes the burdens of this world take up so much of my time and leave little room for any meaningful interaction with the word of God that I feel like a worthless Christian, who can offer nothing to God.

Living a life full of the rush to make things happen, things like education and a job, things like building my resume or focusing on grades, I sometimes feel swallowed by this relentless force of worldly life. And I absolutely HATE the feeling!

Things need to change. I need to return to that joyful experience I once had when I was closer to God through prayer. Those were times when I had a lesser amount of responsibilities, and those were indeed spiritually uplifting times. But now, the thoughts of tomorrow and plans for the next day keep my mind occupied. Things need to change.

I feel strongly in my spirit that God is calling out to me and others like me to return to being a true, actively witnessing Christian. If and when Jesus Christ comes in the clouds to gather His saints, the last thing I want to do is to be found buried in a pile of work instead of spreading the gospel.

These are the last days!! There is no more time left!! We need to start preparing our churches RIGHT NOW!!! Dreams and visions of heaven and of the coming of Christ have started invading people’s minds, including mine. For the past few weeks I have been having dream after dream about the rapture! And words cannot express the mixed emotions of joy as well as urgency and anxiousness to do the remaining work left as fast as possible!

People, if you have a friend to whom you have not witnessed yet, I urge you to do it today!! NOW is the time!! There could be no tomorrow nor could there be a next hour. I have no idea why I just typed that but I strongly feel the urge to say this today! We do not know exactly when Jesus Christ is coming – no one knows the day nor the hour, but we do know what we have to do to get ready to go!! We do know what we need to do as our rightful duties to those non-believer friends we have. We know exactly what to say to that backsliding friend of ours. We know EXACTLY what to say to the world: REPENT!!!!

REPENT and turn to the living God of the heavens, give your life to Jesus Christ, let your robes be washed stainless and let your blood be purified by the blood of the lamb!!

The One and Only Valentine of my Soul

JESUS CHRISTHe’s the only one that knows me more than anyone else. He’s there by my side when I need comfort.

He is the Only friend that sticks by my side no matter what.

He forgives my every mistake, and gives me a chance to change my ways when I go astray.

He shows me what true love is – true, unconditional, and sacrificial love. ♥

NO ONE can ever take His place in my heart, because He is the only reason I live today!

GLORY to the living God!!!! ♥♥♥

The Shepherd’s Whispers…

The Shepherd’s Whispers

Courage, have I not, the least,

Weakest am I, so to speak.

Strength of muscles have I not,

Yet, with shaking limbs, I seek

Battle! War against the worst-

Against the rankest evil there!

Who am I, if I do not

The least oppose this rival, dare?

Frightened be my heart of now,

Frozen are my pulses, yet,

Firm, my feet become somehow,

Shaking knees begin to set.

Like a lamb newborn against

A hound so fierce, equipped with claws

And fangs, I stand there undeterred,

Although I be thus filled with flaws.

Weapons, have I none, nor strength

Nor the training, coarse, of years,

Yet my comfort lies in words

My Shepherd whispered in my ears!

~Stenila Simon

Why do you worry?

Worrying is a painful thing to do, and yet we as humans are experts at worrying, are we not? We worry constantly! We worry about our future, our relationships, our children, our families, our money, our jobs, our health issues, about life itself!!

And yet there is no real reason to worry! All of the above things have one thing in common: the things we worry about are the things that sustain our lives here on earth. Think about each of the things I mentioned before – these are all necessities to live on this earth, and so we worry about them.

But have you ever seen a person worrying about their spiritual lives? About the things that they need to sustain themselves spiritually? Does anyone run around saying things like , “Oh my goodness, I forgot to read the Bible today!” or “I didn’t get time to pray today, what am I going to do!?” or maybe “Oh gosh I saw a sinner and I let him go without talking to him about Christ!” ?

I think not. These are spiritual necessities, and we tend to not worry about such things.

I think it is time to change things around. I want to improve as a Christian myself as well. I want my mind to be worrying about spiritual things all the time instead of worldly things.

Regarding our worldly needs, here is what the Bible says:

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33) 

You know I love this verse, because I have experienced it a few times myself, even if in small ways. One time I was doing some last minute studying for a terrible history test, when my friend messaged me asking about some spiritual things. I was hesitant about it but then I remembered this verse and spent that night talking to my friend about God. My human brain said I would fail that test due to a complete lack of time to study! And yet I came out with an A for that test! I know this is a tiny instance but I consider every small thing a generous gift from God, and I can’t say how many times this verse has proven to be true in my life.

God doesn’t lie. If He says He’ll take care of something for you, He MEANS IT!

All you need to do is trust His word. If you sacrifice something for His sake, He’ll make sure you are rewarded for that. That’s how awesome our God is!

Have you also noticed that THROUGHOUT the Bible is a vast amount of verses that say one thing: “FEAR NOT”! 

“Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield” (Genesis 15:1) 

“fear not, for I am with thee” (Genesis 26:24) 

“fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

“fear not: have not I commanded you?” (2 Samuel 13:28)

“Fear not; I will help thee.” (Isaiah 41:13)

“Fear not: for I have redeemed thee” (Isaiah 43:1)

“Fear not: believe only” (Luke 8:50)

“Fear not; I am the first and the last:” (Revelation 1:17) 

And these are just a FEW of the many more verses in the Bible that tell us to stop being afraid, because our God is all powerful enough to take us through anything and everything!

Do you believe that God is the Creator of the universe and all that we see? Do you believe this same God is all powerful? Do you believe that God doesn’t lie? Do you believe that the God that sacrificed His own Son for YOUR sake has enough mercy and love to help you through a hard situation?

If your answers to the previous questions were “yes”, then why do you fear? Why do you worry? Worry is a manifestation of your heart’s fear. Stop worrying about your worldly life.

If a little child cannot trust his father enough to jump into his hands from a high tree, think of how disappointed that father would be? God is our Father. Let us learn to trust Him.

Let us learn to worry more about our spiritual relationship with God. Let us worry about carrying out our duties as citizens of the Kingdom of God by spreading the word.

God bless you all, and may us all find the courage and faith to boldly walk through life’s hardships knowing that God is by our side.

New Year, New Chapter…

This is my final post for the year of 2014.

Every new year’s eve, we sit down to pray as a family a few hours before midnight, and we pray up until the clock strikes 12. Why? No particular reason. I do know that it feels great to spend the last hours of the passing year in the presence of God. So before I sit down tonight to pray, I thought I would write one final post for 2014.

As we look to the past year, let us all remember the great and wonderful things God has done to our lives, and thank Him for it – be it however small. I personally thank Him for bringing such wonderful friendships into my life and for the sweet reunions I have had, for allowing me another year to live and breathe as myself, and for allowing me the gracious opportunity to write on this blog about my soul’s single greatest passion: Jesus Christ.

As we look into the future, we all look forward to the adventures and excitements that are yet to come in the next year. We wait in anticipation for the new opportunities God may give us, the new people He may bring into our lives, the new knowledge He may give us, and the new paths we may have to take. I cannot wait to see the grandeur of the year of 2015, another year added to my life span.

Whatever happens, I hope and pray that I, my family, my friends, and any of you out there reading my blog, can grow closer to the living God each and every day. It takes effort from the individual to grow closer to God, because the closer you go to Him, the closer He comes to you. My heart rejoices to know that there are some good souls reading this post already blessing the Lord in their hearts for what He has done and some longing for His love.

Money, fame, relationships, health, intelligence – all of this can perish. EVEN TIME ITSELF can perish. But there is one thing in this world that cannot perish – GOD. And don’t forget, God is LOVE. His divine love perishes not, but lasts for an eternity. :)

I hope that my posts so far have been able to inspire you in some sort of way or at least make you think about the Bible and some of its ideas. To those of you who read and supported my blog, I thank you, and to my new followers to my blog, I welcome you with a loving heart and a fiery pen (i.e., keyboard, if you may).

So long to everyone for now, and see you all next year!

-Stenila Simon 


Is Christmas alright for us?

First of all, I would like to wish all of my dear readers a very Merry Christmas!!!

By the way, I know that there are many Christians out there who think that celebrating Christmas is non-biblical, because of many reasons, like because we cannot be sure of when Jesus Christ’s birth was, or because God doesn’t instruct us to celebrate this day, or because some of the symbols of Christmas, like the Christmas tree or ornaments, etc. are similar to certain pagan symbols. For this reason, some Christians think that even wishing someone a Merry Christmas is a terrible sin and that we are partakers in paganism if we celebrate it. 

Well here is my take on the issue: If you in your heart truly believe that you are celebrating Jesus Christ, then I don’t believe that God would judge you as a pagan for the things you do like decorating your house or decorating a tree, if you prefer, out of joy for His birth!

I personally love the Christmas season, because no matter when Jesus Christ was born, Christmas day is the day for remembering His coming into this world. He came as man, lived among us, and died for us, and that is the most precious gift for all of mankind. Regardless, every single day that I live and breathe, is Christmas for me. I thank Him constantly in my heart for His sacrifice and cherish His presence, just as I believe many Christians out there do as well.

Now how we choose to remember Him on this day can differ for each and every person. If you love colors and lights, then I see nothing wrong in decorating your home, if that’s what you prefer. If another prefers to not show off in visual decoration but chooses to sing and/or listen to music then that will be their preference. 54135-Christmas-Begins-With-Christ

However, does God approve of Santa? I think not. Sure, Saint Nicholas was a person who was alive once. (Yes, that’s where the legend of Santa Claus comes from). Again it’s a matter of deciding how much importance you are giving something in your life over God. If you would rather let your kids dream of Santa for a few years, then so be it, as long as you tell them the truth later on and make sure their life emphasizes the love of God, and that they understand that God is most important in the end.

I hope this season will be one of good memories and joy for everyone out there!

And so, let us forget the differences in our views, and come together and cherish this day and every other for ages to come, uniting our hearts in remembrance of the arrival and sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Savior!!


ARE we capable of sin? – A Discussion

Now this is an issue that many a time I have had to discuss with several of my Christian friends. The question is this: is a born again person capable of sin? Or rather, is it even possible for any man born as a human to NOT sin, regardless of whether or not they are saved? Let us take a deeper look into this and use the Word of God as our reference point.

A verse from the Romans chapter 3 states:

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:” (Romans 3:23-24) 

This verse very clearly states that ALL man has sinned. Of course we are all born of the flesh as humans, and the human being is a creation that has fallen short of the glory of 5131172-3x2-340x227God. Starting with Adam and Eve, sin entered our lives and our mankind, so it is impossible to say that any of us can be sinless.

However, Jesus Christ is the only one in the world Who was sinless, and thus He became the ultimate sacrifice for our redemption. When the most pure and innocent blood was shed as propitiation for sin, it covered the sin of the entire mankind from the beginning to the end, and thus our debts were all settled with God. The only thing He asked in return was our faith in this work He had done on the cross for us. 

So this being the story of true redemption, what will become of that man who has accepted Jesus into his heart as His savior and has been born again? Is it viable for God to expect that man to never sin again in his life? Some people think no. Some people have told me that based on the previously stated verse, no matter what, the life of every human involves sin because of the fact that no one can be perfect like God, and hence no one can be perfectly sinless like God.

But what if I told you otherwise? Would you hate me or call me a liar? Again let us turn to the scripture.

“Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him.” (1 John 3:6) 

He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” (1 John 3:8,9) 

So as stated in these verses, sin is the seed of the devil, and committing sin is a sign that you are not of God. “But every man has sinned according to that verse in Romans. Does that mean that every human is a child of the devil? Is that a fair way of judgement?”

Well let me tell you. These are two different things, being born into a sinful world as a sinner, and actually committing sin. These verses in 1 John are talking about how a person who has truly been saved and born again is not capable of WILLINGLY committing sin. Committing sin is an action taken by a person. You can choose to do it or you can choose not to do it. And if you have truly accepted Jesus as your Savior, and if you have truly been born again, then you must be fresh and new as a newborn baby, and you will never be capable of choosing sin after having experienced the true love of the Jesus who died on the cross for your sake. However, if you claim to have been born again, and still continue in your sins, then it is high time for you to reconsider your life, and to really sit down and pray to God to help you let go of the dirty past life and become truly born again.

But by saying all this, I am in no way implying that we can be completely sinless in life. How? Well sometimes even a truly born again person may fall short because of their feelings towards something or they may be caught in a situation where they unknowingly make the wrong choice or think the wrong thing, but a true born again believer will always realize their weakness and ask God to forgive them again.

Constant cleansing of the heart and soul through prayer is the only way we can all remain pure and holy as God wants us to. None of us are perfect. We are all born into a world full of darkness and sin, a world that tortured and crucified our Lord the purest lamb that was given as sacrifice. And yet , God gives us the chance to become holy once again, and to be counted worthy of entering heaven, by allowing us the choice to believe in the sacrifice of Jesus. It is then OUR turn to choose whether or not to sin.

Choosing Jesus over sin is your ultimate key to a life of true peace and happiness, enveloped in the love of the Lord regardless of the pain and hurt of this world.