The gods of man that aren’t gods.

Now in the last post, we discussed the importance of the First Commandment. We talked of how man has a tendency of straying from their Creator and worshiping false gods that they themselves make from stone and clay.

Now apart from that, there are some other things in this world that tend to become gods in our hearts. Mind you, each and every one of us, regardless of who we are, have fallen to this sin one time or the other in our lifetime.

I checked the meaning of the word “god” in the online dictionary. You can CLICK HERE
to go check it out yourselves. It says “the one Supreme being”.. it also says “the creator of the universe” but we already know that. For now I’m going to focus on the definition “the one supreme being”.

“The One Supreme Being”. What does that mean?

Of course our God- some of you may say. But rather have you thought of those in this world who believe not in our God? Aren’t there non-believers in this world? For those people, what is god? For them, what exactly is the “one supreme being”?

Believe it or not, “God” can be anything that ranges from simple feelings like love or jealousy to material items like money. “God” can be anything from power to fame to sin to the disgusting devil himself- for those who don’t know of the Almighty God, that is. Or rather such things become gods for those who know the Almighty God, but for some reason decide to make a complete fool out of God by turning their backs on Him.

Yes.. this is the plain, piercing truth of this world. When do such things become gods in one’s heart? How can we decide whether or not we even unknowingly have other such gods that have taken a permanent place in our hearts? Search deep my friends.

Whatever you cherish with the utmost importance in your life is your god. I cherish Jesus Christ, my Lord with even more importance than my dearest parents. God has priority in all things in our lives. When we as a family take decisions in life, the first person to ask to is God. We sit down at prayer with this new option we have in front of us.

I like the way that my father makes sure that we are making decisions that God approves of. He prays thus: “Dear Lord, we come to Thee with love and trust. We trust that You will not let us do anything at all that displeases You or results in us straying from the path You have already seen for us. If this is so, then we ask You to help us in our decision. We see this path in front of us. We know not if it be the path You have in store for us. If this is the path You want us to choose, then let us know so by making the path even more clearer. If it is rather a path that You wish us to not take, then by all means do stop us from going down that path by placing all sorts of signs through negative results and impossible goals. We trust You will show us the will You have for us through signs like this.”

Oh, how I admire and take pride in this phenomenon as it guides us towards God’s will. But as I said the thing that you cherish with utmost importance is your god. Some people cherish their money, which is a big, and I mean BIG, horrible issue with people today.

People are willing to do such nasty things and to even risk their eternal life just to get hold of that evil disguised in green leafs of greed. I mean, people are just so crazy about money.

Greed is like a black hole- please don’t go anywhere near it or else you may not come back.

Over-greed for money comes from a desire to be wealthy before others and to have a “good place among society”, and to be famous. This greed in turn becomes your first priority in life, and you become something of a beast, constantly in search of more and more wealth, becoming increasingly blind to the sources of money as long as you get hold of it. This in turn makes you forget of how much of an actual human you were once, talking to and loving and befriending people around you.

You forget about all human ties around you unless they have something to do with your money, or specifically, unless you can make money using them, you don’t want to do anything with them. Then you start saving up, passing on the cause of having something to pass on to your children as a “reason” to justify your accumulation of wealth. Then you stop spending even a bit of this huge sum you’ve “Achieved”. No matter what for, you just won’t be able to let go of a bit of your money.

When you’ve encountered this stage in the path of mammon, then there’s no coming back. Believe me, it’s just impossible for you to change if you’ve went this far. Now, if you have an extremely strong sense of guilt and repent, then yes, maybe. But I must say everything is just so wrong about greed to even start with.

Now after becoming the man that refuses to let go of his money, you’ll have zero sleep. Yes, zero sleep. You’ll have started losing sleep the minute you decided to accumulate

money, but by the time you have a lot of it, you’ll be sleepless. You’ll stay awake all night for every single day in your life, thinking on and on about your money- how you’re going to save it and make even more. You’ll lose sleep thinking of how to justify the money you made through purely evil methods.

From a lack of sleep, you’ll develop permanently red eyes, if you’ve become that extreme of a greed-freak. The devil is surely inside you now. He got in much earlier than you think he did. He sneaked inside of your heart through the little hole you left by starting the

Oh, but the devil got inside much earlier than you think.

thought of becoming rich. Speaking of red eyes, I’ve met a few people that have extremely red eyes, and some of them claimed they have no sleep at all. Believe it or not but these red-eyed people turned out to be pure evil, with their tricky ways and greedy motives keeping them awake every night.

My advice to you- please don’t be one of them. Please don’t let there be anything with more priority than God in your lives. Trust me, you do not want to give up a vast eternal life of peace for something as fragile and temporary as wealth.

It’s not worth it. Don’t let the devil find a hole in your heart. If a hole develops without you knowing it, then quickly mend it up and repent before God. KEEP THE DEVIL OUT.

Why not open the doors of you hearts to Jesus when He has something beautiful to offer, rather than sending out invitations to unwelcome guests like greed and jealousy and evil?

Think of it. Let it marinate your hearts. Let it be something you consider everyday.

Till next time, may the peace of Christ be with you! God bless you!! :)

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