Do you want to touch a star? An actual star?

I recently had a dream which I could vividly remember afterwards.

In this dream, I was one among the many others of the world who were, quite strangely, trying to reach to the moon. Everyone was so happy and excited to try and reach the surface of the moon. I saw people racing each other to get there first! And, as I saw the happiness and satisfaction on the faces of the people who were making it to the moon, I wanted to do the same._Moon_ladder_people

So I tried really really hard. I thought to myself that because God is with me, I would reach the moon without a doubt. So I gave it all my effort to reach the moon, and yet, no matter how hard I tried, I could never make it. The sad part was when I looked around and realized that ALL the people around me had made it to the moon. And they were making fun of me from the top of the moon.

I felt terrible and humiliated. I asked God, “God, I believed in you to help me make it! And yet, You allowed me to fail at reaching the moon. Why?” I felt like crying at that point. 

Then God answered, “What if you are not meant to reach the moon? What if you are meant to touch the stars instead?”

This question really puzzled me. I stood there thinking. I looked up at the moon, and then at the mooeditedstars around it. My heart kept saying, “Well, the moon is bigger than those stars that I can see. The stars are just little tiny specks of light. But the moon, it’s way bigger and brighter to look at, and so more people would care if I reached the big and beautiful moon.”

Then it hit me! A realization came to me and I felt like someone was speaking this to my heart:

Yes, the moon is bigger and brighter in appearance to those that are on the earth. So they tend to ignore the “little” stars far beyond in the skies, because to them, these stars are so tiny in appearance and so insignificant.

Up-Close view of a real star

BUT, if you look at the reality, if someone got closer to an actual star, they would be able to see just how much more brighter and bigger these stars are than the moon. The moon is nothing compared to the majesty and brightness of a star. But yet they appear tiny and insignificant because those on the earth are too far away from it.

The moon represents your worldly desires. Your desire for a good education, a job, a long-lasting career, money, health, marriage, power, fame, etc. These appear closer to us humans, so we tend to give these goals more value, and we make them our priority in life.

Yet, to those rare few who know just HOW bright and brilliant a star is in comparison to the moon (which of course has no light of it’s own – it just reflects the light of the sun) they will know that the star is worth pursuing a million times more than pursuing the moon.

What do these stars represent, you ask?

The stars represent your SPIRITUAL goals and desires. Stars represent goals like breaking yourself away from sin, committing yourself to the work of God, submitting yourself to God’s will, fighting the forces of darkness in your spiritual battle to uphold the commandments of God, striving to spread the true Word of God, and thirsting to bring more souls to the Kingdom of God.

These, my friends, are just like stars – to everyone of the world, they are tiny, far away, and insignificant. But to a person who is trying to reach for these stars, they know that as you get closer, the brightness, vastness, and brilliance of these goals just keep increasing.

It’s definitely worth it to pursue the stars that shine on their own instead of pursuing the moon which is an imposter of light.

I am so glad I had this dream because it reminded me of what I was starting to forget – that the spiritual matters should be your priority regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.


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